Places of power in Russia that treat and help

Places of power in Russia that heal and help

There is a place of power in every region of Russia. In Buryatia and the Irkutsk region, of course, this is Lake Baikal, the spirits of which are brought offerings, in Altai – the sacred mountain Belukha, in Karelia – Kizhi Island, whose churches stand on the territory of ancient temples. Travelers who go to them believe that visiting these places will help them fulfill their cherished desires, heal from illnesses, and regain what they have lost. “Subtleties” are not ready to enter into discussions about whether this is possible or not. But they are ready to share a list of seven other places in Russia – perhaps less well-known, but which are also credited with powerful energy.

1. Arkaim

The ancient “city of the Bear-Veles”, according to legend, was founded by the great-granddaughter of the Slavic god Rod on the territory of the future Chelyabinsk region. Connoisseurs of history are attracted here by the ruins of thousand-year-old temples and museums, where ancient jewelry, household items and weapons are stored. Those who are interested in mysticism climb the local mountains – Revelation, Love, Reason, Shaman Mountain. On them, if you believe the legends, you can connect with the higher mind, enlist the support of the gods in the right thing, and even atone for sins.

2. Big Zayatsky Island

One of the Solovetsky Islands is considered a mysterious place with healing powers. Its main attraction is the stone labyrinths several thousand years old: either fish traps, or sacred pagan structures. Anyone can wander through them. They say that such a walk provides men with clarity of consciousness, relieves women of infertility, and also normalizes blood pressure and gives a surge of vitality.

3. Diveevo

The village of Diveevo in the Nizhny Novgorod region is one of the places that even people who are far from Orthodoxy know about. The local monastery is called the fourth earthly Lot of the Most Holy Theotokos – the holy land where the Mother of God appeared to people. In addition, St. Seraphim of Sarov took part in the fate of the Diveevo monastery. He ordered to make a special groove around the monastery. People believe that if you walk along it and read 150 prayers to the Mother of God, she will definitely hear your request. And if you plunge into the holy spring, you can be healed of diseases. 1/1

People believe that if you walk along the groove in Diveevo and read 150 prayers to the Mother of God, she will definitely hear your request.

4. Cape Meganom

Cape Meganom in Crimea is known not only for its beaches. Ufologists believe that this part of the peninsula attracts UFOs, as evidenced by the large rings that periodically appear on this earth. Some time ago, a special facility was located on the cape: the military allegedly investigated magnetic anomalies, but later the project was closed. The military was replaced by yogis and followers of Hinduism, who set up an altar in honor of the god Shiva on Meganom and live here for months, meditating and generating positive energy.

5. Lake Svetloyar

The legendary lake in the Nizhny Novgorod region, according to popular belief, hides in its waters the ancient city of Kitezh, which the warriors of Batu Khan wanted to conquer. Divers who studied the reservoir put forward a version that Svetloyar either does not have a bottom, or it is double. But neither of these can be proven. Near the lake, they say, you can check the purity of your thoughts: only such people manage to see the lights of the miracle city in the waters of Svetloyar. It is better to make a wish by the lake on the night of Ivan Kupala. To come true, you need to go around the reservoir three times with a lit candle.

6. Khakass Valley of the Kings

The Great Salbyk Kurgan, or the Valley of the Kings in Khakassia, is a monument of culture that existed in the 3rd-1st centuries BC. e. It is called the Khakass Stonehenge because of the huge megalithic slabs installed near the burial mounds where the ancient kings and their retinue were buried. Two such slabs stand side by side, forming the Salbyk Gate, which is considered the entrance to the world of the dead. In the Valley of the Kings, frequent guests are shamans who “recharge” on this holy land. You can also make a wish here, bypassing a large mound around the perimeter. 1/1

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7. Chapel of Xenia of Petersburg

The chapel built on the grave of Blessed Xenia at the Smolensk cemetery is one of the revered places in St. Petersburg. There are almost always queues here, because people come to Xenia with requests: to help in a difficult task, to get rid of illness, trouble. In order for the request to be heard, you need to perform a whole ritual. The wish should be written on a piece of paper, go around the chapel three times counterclockwise, touch the wall with the forehead, once again mentally voice the request and drop the piece of paper into a special box. If after the ritual someone calls a person or someone calls him, it is considered that the request will be fulfilled.

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