Places in the room that are (almost) never cleaned. Check

Places in the room that are (almost) never cleaned. Check

Keeping a hotel clean is not easy: maids have to clean from 10 to 30 rooms daily, and each is given only about 20 minutes, especially when it comes to checking out some guests and checking in others. It is impossible to restore perfect order in this mode, and there are many places and objects in the room that the staff’s hands do not reach. The most potentially “unfavorable” corners of a hotel room are on the list of neat “Subtleties”.

4. Bathroom

The bathroom and toilet may look clean at first glance, but in damp rooms, fungus often starts and harmful particles of detergents remain. And mixers, it happens, are rubbed to a shine with not too clean rags or used towels. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to rinse all surfaces with hot water and wipe with disinfectant wipes. The maids do not always have time to properly wipe the bath or jacuzzi, so experienced travelers are advised to wash them themselves. And it is better to go into the shower cabin in rubber slippers.

3. Chairs and bedspreads

Upholstered furniture, blankets and bedspreads are also not the cleanest items: they are not washed or cleaned after each guest. Blankets are washed at best once a week, bedspreads even less often, especially if there are no visible stains on them. So, having settled in the room, you should immediately take off the cape and put it in the closet or on the balcony.

“We washed the bedspreads only once a season. There were two sets of blankets: one for the winter, the other for the summer. And it’s disgusting because they ended up on the floor very often,” says Hannah, a small hotel maid.

2. Crockery

Most often, hotel staff do not have time for teapots, coffee makers, cups and glasses. They are not washed properly, but simply rinsed with water and, at best, wiped with a towel (at worst, with a dust cloth used to wipe the furniture in the room). And guests do not always use these containers for their intended purpose: for example, they boil sausages or dumplings in a kettle, and the most creative ones even manage to boil socks. “The thing that makes me most disgusted is the coffee maker. She looks clean, but who knows what previous guests did to her before you?” – says the manager of one of the Chicago hotels Ken. Glasses in the bathroom are also washed very rarely, before you put your toothbrush in there, you should wash them thoroughly with soap and water.

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1. Remote controls and switches

Door handles, remote controls, switches and phone handsets are real breeding grounds for germs: they are most often touched and least wiped. According to American scientists from the University of Houston, the TV remote control is the dirtiest thing in a hotel room: there are more pathogenic bacteria on its surface than on a toilet seat. The desk lamp switch on the bedside table is no cleaner, so it's best to wipe these items with antibacterial wipes before use.

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