Pilots of the German Lufthansa voted for a possible strike

German Lufthansa pilots voted for a possible strike

Vereinigung pilots union calls for a 5.5 increase in wages percent this year and automatically adjusted for inflation starting next year. The statement said that despite six rounds of negotiations, the German flag carrier has not yet made a serious offer to employees.

At the same time, the trade union is determined to solve all problems peacefully. Representatives of the organization said that layoffs can be avoided if management takes steps to resolve the dispute. The results of the vote, however, are “a signal to Lufthansa to take staff needs seriously.”

What happens if the strike does take place? Experts are unanimous: this will increase additional pressure on an industry already hit by disruptions caused by a range of factors, including layoffs and widespread worker dissatisfaction with pay and working conditions in the wake of the pandemic.

Lufthansa pilots strike potentially could affect tens of thousands of passengers around the world. The airline serves more than 250 airports in 77 countries, including London, Madrid, Cape Town and Geneva.

Promotions until mid-September will have a significant impact on international tourist travel, those that take place later will cause more problems for business travelers.

In another blow, the pilots of Lufthansa's Swiss Air subsidiary turned down management's offer for a new contract last Sunday. The news comes a week after Lufthansa was rocked by a ground strike that forced the carrier to cancel more than 1,000 flights.

“If management continues to ignore the signs of the times and does not immediately offer adequate solutions, then pilots should show management even more clearly how dissatisfied they are, — said the Swiss trade union Aeropers.

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