People, it seems to me, are quite snickering! Review of holidays in Sharm el-Sheikh in April 2022

People, it seems to me, got really drunk! Review of the holiday in Sharm el-Sheikh in April 2022

“We love Egypt very much, we would not exchange a holiday on the Red Sea for anything. No Turkey, and even more so the Krasnodar Territory, can not be compared with Sharm el-Sheikh. All tourists most often scold the Egyptian service: unhurried, unfriendly … People, it seems to me, are completely snickering! They go to a budget hotel, they want people to ride near them, and they don’t even leave a tip. The hotel staff works 6 days a week with one day off, and most often on this weekend they work part-time at another job! You write a negative review, and they get fined or even fired. Tourism in Egypt is going through hard times. If you want to be looked after and respond to every request with lightning speed, either fly to a more expensive hotel, or do not skimp on small gifts and tips, and be more friendly yourself. Why do you think that everyone owes you everything?”

The reader of “Subtleties” Tonya Sornikova confirms her opinion with her review.

Where did you rest and how much

In April, we went to the Albatros Palace Sharm 5 * hotel, for two we paid 134 thousand for 10 days. For this money, you definitely won’t rest in Russia, now even weekends in Plyos cost from 30 thousand without food, I’m not talking about Baikal and Kamchatka. For a comfortable stay in Abkhazia, you also need to pay at least 100 thousand, and you definitely won’t get everything that Egypt has to offer.

The Albatros Palace Sharm hotel is the best balance of price and quality, it was completely renovated in 2020, and it was built in 2010, in the “golden” time, then they didn’t build badly.

We have rested in different hotels of this chain and always returned satisfied and rested.1/1

Contingent and ratio of vacationers

We were always lucky with the contingent too, we never came across brawlers and lovers of drunken swimming in the pool. Even now there are no political conflicts. Tourists from Poland, Germany, England and CIS countries. Everyone came to rest, not to sort things out. The Egyptians are very polite, no one divides tourists by nationality.

We almost always left tips: no one gets poorer from the dollar, and the staff doesn’t get rich much, it’s just nice, like a compliment.1/1

Fun, beach and food

The animation is interesting and unobtrusive, whoever is looking for entertainment will always find it. A lot of attention is paid to children, they conduct quests and games with prizes. Public places, beaches, playgrounds are always under the supervision of a lifeguard. My child on the beach injured his leg while playing volleyball, he was immediately helped, the lifeguard told me how to treat the wound, provide first aid, other guys helped him get to the first-aid post. The son says the atmosphere is like in a great international camp. Children play all together, even without knowledge of languages ​​they communicate perfectly. Good pools, one of them is level with the sea, very beautiful photos are obtained. After 22:00 all games and dances subside, so do not worry if your room overlooks the amphitheater. 1/1

The food at the hotel is excellent, it's not even worth talking about. You can ask for meat with a certain roast or with a minimum amount of spices, as it is marinated and cooked in front of you.

There are a lot of people, but no one interferes with anyone, people are somehow evenly distributed – thanks to good organization. Someone goes for a snack, someone goes to the beach, and someone participates in various activities. There is no such thing that everyone runs to lunch at the very opening of the restaurant, and there a battle for food begins, or suddenly everyone rushed to the beach and occupied all the sunbeds.

Water in the room and bar without restrictions. Towels can be changed right on the beach. The buildings, although three-story, but all have an elevator, a good Internet signal (during peak hours it sometimes turned off for a few seconds, but when reconnected it worked fine). In general, comfort and attention to detail, without unnecessary pathos and luxury.

Be kinder, choose trusted hotels and get a great vacation.

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