Passengers are still being dropped off and fined for refusing to wear a mask in India

In India, passengers are still dropped off and fined for refusing to wear a mask

Indian airlines are required to disembark any passenger before departure if they refuse to wear a mask inside the aircraft after being warned, the DGCA aviation regulator confirmed the information that appeared in the media.

In addition, airport operators with the help of local police and security services will collect fines from people who do not wear protective masks in premises and waiting rooms.

The circular follows a ruling from the Delhi High Court on June 3 which stated that “DGCA must issue separate mandatory instructions to all employees working at airports and aircraft, including flight attendants, captains and other crew members, to take strict measures against passengers who violate hygiene norms and rules».

All persons found to be violators should be fined, and persistent non-payers should be blacklisted. and excommunicated for flights, the court said. The DGCA circular states that airlines are required to ensure that passengers wear masks appropriately on flights. Removal of protective equipment is only allowed “in exceptional circumstances and for approved reasons.”

If a passenger needs an additional face mask, the airline must provide it, the message says. “The airline must ensure that in the event that any passenger fails to comply with the above instructions, even after repeated warnings, he or she must be disembarked, if necessary, prior to departure,” — said in the message.

In the event that any passenger refuses to wear a mask or violates COVID-19 protocol even after repeated in-flight warnings in the air, they should be treated as a “non-compliant passenger.” ;. DGCA rules give airlines the authority to ban passengers from flying for a specified period of time after they have been declared “naughty”.

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