Paper tags for baggage check-in will soon be replaced with electronic ones

Paper baggage tags will soon be replaced with electronic ones

Airlines around the world continue to test difficulties with cancellations and delays of flights, long queues at airports, confusion with the departure of passengers' luggage. Alaska Airlines hopes to solve many problems with a new baggage check-in system.

The airline announced the launch of a new electronic baggage tag the day before. It will allow travelers not to print out a paper receipt each time to stick it to the handle of their suitcase, but simply activate the device at any place without a queue and then quickly check in their luggage.

This technology allows passengers to personalize their belongings in seconds, and do it outside the airport. Thus, travelers using electronic tags can quickly check in their luggage and reduce the queues at the check-in hall, and the airport staff will focus on those customers who really need help.

The activation of the electronic tag is carried out by the passenger himself. To do this, you only need to touch it once with the smartphone used for mobile registration. The tag has a small antenna, which reads the information transmitted from the phone. After that, all the necessary information about the flight — exactly the same as in the paper version. 

According to the developers, the innovation will reduce the time travelers spend on check-in and baggage check-in by 40 percent. 

In development and testing of the device was attended by the Dutch company BAGTAG. As a result of the experiments, it turned out that the screens are durable enough for multiple long-distance flights. According to Alaska Airlines, they can withstand being run over by a luggage cart and come with an industrial-strength plastic zipper — the tag is virtually impossible to rip off.

The airline will roll out the devices in stages, starting with its 2,500 frequent flyers, who will receive the tags by the end of 2022. After the “field” trials, participants in the experiment will be able to purchase devices, this will happen in early 2023. The cost of a new useful accessory has not yet been reported.

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