Outdated technologies: what will go to the scrap in the near future

Obsolete technologies: what will go to scrap in the near future

Technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. Miracles, which a couple of decades ago we saw only in science fiction films, today have become an everyday reality. No one imagined that you can carry your phone everywhere and access the Internet from it, and the computer will conduct a relaxed dialogue with you. So it’s not far before the uprising of machines led by insidious artificial intelligence …

Of course, at this rate of progress, many things become unnecessary. Huge industries are whistling into oblivion, and along with DVDs, push-button phones and analog television, an entire era. But even today's familiar devices that fit well into high-tech reality will soon become nothing more than retro.

Cash and plastic cards

In many Western countries, a person has only a couple of small bills in his wallet just in case, all other payments are made using cards, smartphones, smart watches and other devices. The fate of paper banknotes has already been practically decided, but what will happen to the irreplaceable “plastic”? Experts and him predict the inevitable disappearance. Selfie Pay technology has already been launched, which allows you to pay for purchases by simply blinking your eye in front of the camera of a mobile device. .tonkosti.ru/sized/f550x700/dx/sl/dxslo6y4qjsoooooowokgos4g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Obsolete technologies: what will be scrapped soon


Endless coils of wires that are constantly tangled and in the way will soon go down in history. Wireless communication and information transfer is much more convenient and faster, recharging is also gradually getting rid of cords (Apple promises to introduce this innovation by the release of the next iPhone). But what about kettles, refrigerators and other household appliances? Apparently, they will also work at a distance. kx/cykxvpi27ls084s8040cow0k4.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Obsolete technologies: what will go to the scrap in the near future

Computer mouse, control panels and other manipulators

Touch screens on computers, laptops and tablets no longer require the use of a mouse, and with the improvement of technology control systems using voice, as well as eye and hand movements, it will no longer be necessary at all . The same applies to remotes from various household devices. A human will communicate with machines directly, without unnecessary intermediaries.

Personal Signatures

Systems for recognizing people by facial features are increasingly being introduced in various institutions. When biometric technologies become available not only on smartphones and ATM cameras, people will forget how to sign documents. The world in 2045: what it will look like according to leading scientists.

Courier delivery

But to believe that the profession of a courier in a few years will become unnecessary is almost impossible. But even here, cars come to replace manpower – in some countries, goods are delivered by drones. Of course, this is not yet very common, but the method is clearly gaining popularity. Theoretically, taxi drivers, assembly line workers, and waiters can be replaced with robots…


Starting a car with a simple push of a button is a common thing. Soon the same principle will apply to door locks – they will be opened using applications on the same smartphones, scanning fingerprints or retinas, as well as through voice commands. Bad news for apartment thieves, unless they're computer pros.

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