Only 53 percent of Russians say Turkish all-inclusive is the best

Over 1,500 readers of “Subtleties” took part in a survey about the country with the best all inclusive, and only half of them voted for Turkey. What did the Turkish version of the all-inclusive system not please the Russians, and which countries do they choose as an alternative?

Answering the question “Subtleties”, out of 1572 people, 53% voted for Turkey, 24% preferred the Dominican Republic, 9% – Egypt and only 5.7% – the Maldives. Almost 10% of survey participants admitted that they do not like the all inclusive system at all. Among the disadvantages of this type of vacation, monotonous and not the most refined food is noted – the main thing is to be satisfying.

1. The problem with the choice of meat

In Turkish hotels, guests are most often fed with chicken or turkey, soy is often added to meat products (rolls, sausages, sausages), and inexpensive and high-calorie side dishes are put in the most prominent place on the buffet – french fries and pasta. But with vegetables and fruits in Turkey, things are better than in Egypt: they are grown locally, and not imported from other 2 countries.

2. The problem with alcohol

Another problem with Turkish all-inclusive is alcoholic drinks: the country has high excise taxes on imported alcohol, and to save money, hotels offer tourists not very high-quality local brands. Even in establishments on ultra all inclusive, bartenders add Turkish-made alcohol to cocktails, and in restaurants, instead of French or Italian wine, they may well bring budget products from local winemakers.

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3. Link to hotel

In addition, the all-inclusive system ties the tourist to the hotel, leaving no chance to get acquainted with the national cuisine and the country in general: meals are prepaid, and most vacationers do not want to spend money again on food in cafes and restaurants outside the hotel complex or skip breakfasts and lunches for excursions. .jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

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