Oman: how to move in 2022

Oman is not just a colorful country of the Persian Gulf, but also a promising direction for relocation. There is almost no crime here, and the World Health Organization calls this country one of the most prosperous for life.

Already, about 42% of foreigners live in the sultanate, and the economic crisis prompted the government to facilitate the issuance of a residence permit. This guide will introduce you to the peculiarities of moving to Oman and help you understand if this country is right for you.


Even the fact of being born in Oman does not give an official right to citizenship. But getting a visa is getting easier every year. For tourists from the Russian Federation, there is a convenient format for obtaining a visa online at (we recommend), but you can also try to get it upon arrival. Visas are issued for a period of 2 weeks to a month with the possibility of extension.

Recently, Oman also signed an “invisible borders” treaty with the United Arab Emirates. Having a visa of the latter, you can get into Oman without additional documents. The rule also works in the opposite direction.

Oman: how to move in 2022

Muscat Waterfront, Oman

List of documents for obtaining a tourist visa:

1. Passport valid for 6 months from the end of the trip.

2. Two color photographs of 3.5*4.5 cm format.

3. Certificate of employment with position and salary.

4. Confirmation of hotel reservations and round-trip air tickets.

5. Marriage certificate (for spouses with different surnames).

6. Completed online questionnaire.

7. Medical insurance (not mandatory, but desirable document).

Separate rules apply for women who travel alone: ​​the duration of their trip to Oman cannot exceed 10 days, and the hotel must be at least 4 stars.  

The list of possible reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Oman includes investment, marriage, family reunification, work, business and political asylum. The most common way is to invest a certain amount in the economy of the Sultanate. For this, a foreigner receives a special renewable visa for 5 or 10 years, and then a residence permit. This program involves large investments in real estate or commercial investments.

An alternative way to get a residence permit is a work visa. It is issued to those who get a job in a local company. To do this, you will have to find an employer, obtain a work permit, a work visa and then a residence permit. An important caveat: only people over 21 can get it.

List of documents for obtaining a residence permit

  1. Completed form.

  2. Two color photographs 35×45 mm.

  3. Passport valid for at least 6 months.

4. Medical insurance.

5. Certificate of absence of infectious diseases.

6. Police clearance papers.

7. An extract from a bank account on financial solvency for living.

8. Data on the place of residence in the country.


In most cases, a flight to the Omani capital Muscat consists of one transfer in the UAE, Turkey or Bahrain. Ticket price – from 500 to 1000 euros, depending on the airline, transit country and & nbsp; its duration. Most often, the famous Emirates or Arab low-cost airlines fly to Oman.

Oman: how to move to 2022

Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM) 


Booking a hotel or apartment is a mandatory item for obtaining an Omani visa. Economy class housing will cost an average of 2,500 rubles per day, 4-star hotels cost twice as much, and you will have to pay at least 13,000–15,000 rubles for a 5-star hotel.

Renting a one-room apartment will cost from 30,000 to 50,000 rubles per month, depending on the location, and a three-room apartment – from 50,000 to 90,000 rubles. The cost of utilities for an apartment of 70-80 square meters is 4,500 rubles per month.


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Omani cuisine: spices, herbs and even camel meat

Food costs in Oman vary by location. So, breakfast in the dining room for local residents will cost about 90 rubles, while in a cafe they will ask for 400 for the same meal. A full dinner for two in an inexpensive restaurant will cost 1,500–2,000 rubles. And, I must admit that the seafood here is magical. Even in outwardly unremarkable establishments. 

You can buy groceries both in supermarkets and in small shops. Prices in supermarkets are usually slightly lower, but the range depends on the area. Bread costs an average of 15 to 75 rubles, a kilogram of local cheese – 400-500, meat – 400-600 rubles per kg, a bottle of wine – from 900 rubles. It will not be possible to pay for purchases with Russian Visa and MasterCard cards in Oman – we advise you to exchange cash before departure or use the UnionPay transfer system.

Oman: how to move to 2022

In the center of Muscat there is a large Souk Matrah


According to data for 2018, the working population of the state is almost 2 million people, 85% of whom are foreigners. Jobs in the service sector and the tourism industry are available to them, for example, a hostess, a waiter, a fitness trainer, a cosmetologist. Also in Oman, experienced specialists in the field of construction and IT are in demand. For employment in a qualified job, visitors need to provide a document that confirms their qualifications. Handymen do not need such a document.

It is important to keep in mind that people come to the country to work  foreigners from neighboring countries – Nepal, Bangladesh, which means that competition for work in terms of destinations will be high. & nbsp;


If you decide to walk around Muscat, it is likely that motorists passing by will be extremely surprised – this is not customary here. 

There is an extensive system in the capital and major cities of Oman  public transport, the interval of which is 20 minutes. Buses operate from 6:30 am to 22:00-22:30 pm. Fixed-route taxis and intercity buses are also quite affordable. Within the city, you can ride for 0.5 dollars, and for 2-3 dollars you can drive across the country. And very soon in Muscat they promise a full-fledged metro.

Passenger taxis in Oman are classified as public transport. B  they are paid for each passenger seat – one can only pass by “purchasing” all the seats. Uber does not work in the country, but there is an alternative app  Otaxi, but remember that it is difficult to call a taxi from the airport through the application, but there are always cars at the exit of the arrivals terminal.  

An alternative option is a daily car rental. The cost of an economy class car in Oman starts from 40 euros per day. 


To move to Oman, an animal must have an international veterinary passport and a permanent marking (chip). In addition, it is mandatory to confirm that the pet has been vaccinated against rabies and treated for parasite infections. Most large veterinary clinics have a special package for preparing the animal for the move. Keep in mind that transportation rules differ between airlines and transport companies, so they should be clarified separately.

To summarize: Oman is an actively developing country that is friendly to immigrants. The wide variety of visas and the demand for specialists from other countries make it an excellent option for relocation, and the tropical climate is attractive for lovers of living by the sea. The only negative is the relative difficulty of obtaining a residence permit in other ways than by investment. Work and other visas, however, allow you to stay in the country for a long time and work fully without experiencing any particular difficulties.

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