Of the benefits – only the sea and the reef: a review of the rest in the Egyptian hotel Menaville Safaga in August 2022

Of the pluses — only the sea and the reef: a review of the rest in the Egyptian hotel Menaville Safaga in August 2022

“There are no good budget hotels in Egypt. We have rested in this country many times: the sea is amazing, everything else is bad or very expensive. I have no way to buy a tour for 200 thousand. Before this trip, we chose the hotel very carefully, read reviews and found Menaville Safaga 4 *. I don't understand why there are so many positive reviews. No hotel.” What exactly did not like the reader of “Subtleties” Svetlana – read in her review.

How much did they take

I understand that the impressions of the rest directly depend on its cost, if we paid less, maybe then I would take everything easier. But for the tour we paid 130 thousand for 7 days for two. We expected better, because in the spring we flew to a hotel with a similar level of service for 80 thousand, and it was not as offensive as this time.1/1

Hotel, beach

The hotel is located in a quiet area of ​​Safaga, not far from Hurghada. The only thing that is true is a good beach and a good live reef. The sea here is much better than in Hurghada, the surroundings are more beautiful, there are no heaps of garbage. The territory is also large, there is where to walk, quiet and peaceful, a lot of greenery. The pool is cold, you can swim in it even at night. On the one hand, it’s good, on the other hand, it’s not clear when the disinfection of water takes place? The location of the hotel is not very good: when we went on excursions (3 times), we were always delivered last. At the same time, it is strange that they were taken away last, so the places on the bus got the most terrible.

The hotel itself and the rooms are very old. It makes no sense to pay extra for the best room – they are all equally bad. Very uncomfortable mattresses and pillows.

The room is dusty, there is no cleaning, but the cleaners are in charge: they put things in the closet, put the bags on the shelves.1/1

Entertainment and food

There is no animation at all, even the music by the pool is not included. There is nothing to do with children, the playground is simply life-threatening. In general, it seems that tourists here by themselves, like stray cats: the staff does not impose themselves and does not ask for tips, but simply ignores them. The food is a total disaster. I have never seen such bad food anywhere. They suffered from intestinal upset, although they clearly observed all the basic rules of hygiene: they drank only bottled water, did not put ice in drinks, did not take dubious cocktails. The waiters do not want to serve vacationers, they gather in groups, chatting among themselves, for all requests – zero attention.

There is no Internet at all in the hotel, at the reception they sell SIM cards of local operators – do not buy. Go to the city, take it much cheaper, or just take a break from the Internet.

Outside the hotel

Outside the territory there are shops, on foot you can walk to a fish restaurant. Prices are lower than in Hurghada without those triple price tricks. Sellers are polite and friendly, communicate, bargain, give gifts. Bought good quality oils, fruits, souvenirs.

I liked the city: it's nice, calm, much better than popular resorts, but I advise you to approach the choice of a hotel more carefully. Do not believe the reviews in search engines, it is better to study the topic yourself, look at social networks – or fly to a trusted hotel where your friends or acquaintances were.

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