Nutritionists have named the most harmful foods that should be excluded from the diet

Dietologists named the most harmful foods that should be excluded from the diet

Spanish nutritionists have named the most harmful foods to which it is important and useful to say “no” once and for all. First of all, these are sweets that lead to many diseases, and sausages containing a large amount of starch and fillers. The list also includes snacks, baked goods and processed foods stuffed with sugar, trans fats and other destructive additives.

A reasonable question arises: how to replace harmful products so that food serves health, and does not destroy it?

1. Sugar

Scientists have noticed that recently the number of cases of oncological diseases has increased dramatically in the world. Researchers from the American Tufts Institute have found that the main provocateur of the development of tumors is sugar. Its excessive use causes the rapid growth of tumors. Humanity's “white enemy” also causes obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Unfortunately, sugar is found in so many products – yogurt, pastries, sweets and cakes, packaged juices, ice cream, etc. Those with a sweet tooth who care about their health are strongly advised to consume honey and fruits.

Refusing harmful sugar, many replace it with an artificial sweetener – aspartame. Succumbing to advertising, people choose “diet” soft drinks, yogurts and other products. However, according to the findings of British scientists from the University of Sussex, this supplement is even more dangerous for health: it can cause disorders in the functions of the brain, nervous and endocrine systems, and even the development of cancer.

2. Fast food

Food fried in vegetable oil can also exacerbate cancer and stomach diseases. Fast food is especially dangerous, as oil is used for cooking more than once. Food safety experts have named 7 dishes that should not be taken on the buffet.

3. Flour

A few words about flour products. Refined flour is not nutritious enough, besides, it can greatly increase blood glucose levels. Abuse of this product can lead to diabetes. If it is difficult to do without flour, it is better to choose pastries made from whole grain flour.

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4. Wine

This is not the first time that the myth that it is good to drink a little red wine a day is refuted. This is evidenced, for example, by the famous Russian surgeon who treats cardiovascular diseases, Vadim Popov. However, the moderate use of this natural drink is not considered harmful if the wine is of high quality and helps to relieve stress.” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Nutritionists have named the most harmful foods that should be excluded from the diet

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