Not a single Russian airline remains in global international alliances

There is not a single Russian airline left in global international alliances

SkyTeam and Aeroflot agreed to temporarily suspend the airline's membership in the alliance, — SkyTeam said in a statement. “We are working to mitigate the negative impact on customers in terms of pooled bonus programs, codeshare bookings. We will keep those who are affected by any changes to SkyTeam benefits, benefits, and services updated. The alliance also noted in a statement that the suspension is temporary. True, it is not specified how “temporary” it is, and what could affect the resumption of cooperation with Aeroflot.

This event occurred a week after the second largest Russian airline S7 was left the alliance Oneworld.

Aeroflot exit question from SkyTeam lasted about two months. At the end of February, alliance heavyweights Delta Air Lines, Air France and KLM independently terminated code and other cooperation with the Russian carrier.

Non-participation of Aeroflot in SkyTeam and S7 in Oneworld further separates Russia from the global aviation market. Most of the world's airspace is currently closed to Russian players, and Airbuses and Boeings stuck in Russia are a very contentious issue from the point of view of foreign lessors.

Like other Russian airlines, Aeroflot today, to a large extent — domestic carrier operating on local lines due to airspace closures and leasing issues. Nevertheless, it operates a number of international flights to countries that did not close their skies to Russia. 

"Aeroflot" joined the alliance in the mid-2000s. The country's aviation market was growing rapidly at that time, and the airline upgraded its fleet with Western-made aircraft.

Currently, there is not a single airline in the Russian Federation participating in global international aviation alliances.

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