Nicknames of Russian cities: from affectionate and funny to absurd and offensive

 Nicknames of Russian cities: from affectionate and funny to absurd and offensive

If everything is clear with Ekat and Vladik, then where Apaches live in Russia, and where are Glasgow, Cairo, two Detroit, Barneo (that's right, through “a”) and Monchester (that's right, through “o”), it's interesting to know. Without further ado, let's go!

  1. Aleksandrov — Alex, Capital of the 101st km
  2. Apatity — Hepatity, Apache
  3. Arkhangelsk — Arkhara
  4. Barnaul — Barneapol, Barneo
  5. Belgorod — White City
  6. Blagoveshchensk — Blaga
  7. Vesyegonsk — Saigon
  8. Vladivostok – Vladik, Vlad, City B, Haishenwei (Chinese name)
  9. Vladikavkaz – Vladik, Ordzho (from the old name Ordzhonikidze)

Murmansk – Murik, Vyshny Volochek – Bastard, and Rybinsk – Fish or Fishburg.

  1. Voronezh — Capital of the Chernozem Region, VRN
  2. Vyshny Volochek — Svolochek, Venice of Tver
  3. Glazov — Glasgow, Glazkar (from the Udmurt name)
  4. Dzerzhinsk — Dust (due to poor ecology and abundance of chemical plants)
  5. Dimitrovgrad – DD, 2D, D-grad, Dim-grad
  6. Yekaterinburg – Ekat, Ekb, E-burg, Yoburg, Kater, Katyukha, Sverdlovsk (because the capital of the Sverdlovsk region), the Capital of the Urals, Yeltsinburg ( Yes, I was born here, if you didn’t know), Chaifetown (the birthplace of the Chaif ​​group), Window to Asia
  7. Zelenograd — Zelik, Zelek, Zelen, Greentown, Grincity
  8. Ivanovo — City of Brides, Textile Capital, Calico Region, Russian Manchester (before the 1917 revolution), Red Manchester (after the revolution), Ubahobo (from the English transliteration UBAHOBO)
  9. Izhevsk — Izhik, Izhopsk (disparagingly)
  10. Ilyinogorsk — Svinogorsk, Pigsburg, Svingorod (all names come from the pig complex located in the city)

Difficult game: name correctly the inhabitants of 10 Russian cities

  1. Irkutsk — IRK, Capital of the Angara region, Babruisk (because the babr is on the coat of arms)
  2. < li>Yoshkar-Ola — Yoshka

  3. Kayerkan — Cairo
  4. Kaliningrad — Koenig, Kenik, Kalik, California (according to local rapper Babangida)
  5. Kaluga — Russian Detroit (because there are 3 car factories in the city)
  6. Kemerovo — Cameroon
  7. Kirov — Vyatka (from the former name)
  8. Krasnodar — Krasny, Krasik , Yekaterinodar (pre-revolutionary name), Sobachkina wilderness (Mayakovsky: “This is not a dog wilderness, but a dog’s capital”)
  9. Krasnoyarsk – Krasny, Krasny, Krai, Kyrsk, Krasny Yar, Yarsk (from the proverb “Krasnoyarsk Yara's heart”)
  10. Magnitogorsk — Magnitka
  11. Moscow – Golden-domed, Third Rome, City on seven hills, Nerezinovaya, Msk, Maaskva (a parody of the Maask dialect), Default City (because on many sites where you have to choose a city, Moscow is “by default”)
  12. Monchegorsk — Moncha, Monchester (through “o”)
  13. Murmansk — Murik, Capital of the Arctic Region
  14. Nizhnevartovsk — Nizhik, Vartovsk
  15. Nizhny Novgorod — Nizhny , NN, NiNo, Gorky
  1. Smolensk — Smola
  2. Sochi — Summer Capital of Russia
  3. Tolyatti — Detroit (automotive center), Totti
  4. Tula — Arms Capital of Russia, Gingerbread Capital of Russia
  5. Khabarovsk — Khabara , Khabik, City X, City Xa
  6. Tchaikovsky — Chicago
  7. Cheboksary — Cheby
  8. Chelyabinsk — Chelyaba, Chicago, Tankograd (one of the centers of tank building), City Che
  9. Cherepovets — Skull
  10. Yaroslavl — Yarik

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