New Tap Portugal strike will cost 8 million euros in losses

Tap Portugal's new strike will cost 8 million euros in losses

According to a recent report Portugal News, the December strike will result in the cancellation of 360 flights and will affect approximately 50,000 travelers.

TAP Portugal CEO Christine Christine Jeanne Urmier-Widener Fraes confirmed the planned strike on December 8 and 9, stressing that she is looking forward to the meeting of the National Union of Civil Aviation Pilots, which will make a final decision on this matter.

In this regard, she said that if the strike takes effect, about half of the air carrier's capacity will suffer. In addition, it was emphasized that 60 percent of flights have already been booked and the protest action will affect nearly 50,000 passengers. At the same time, almost 25 percent of customers decided not to take risks and have already rebooked their flights.

“Our priority — protect passengers. We received the notice of the strike on Monday. The union decided to move the general meeting to the 6th, but whatever the decision, TAP — big company and it will be too late, — said the CEO of TAP Portugal, stressing that if immediate action is not taken, the damage to customers will be significant.

Earlier this month, Portugal's flag carrier announced that it could be forced to cancel more than 400 flights between November and December this year.

In September 2022, TAP Air Portugal was criticized by the President of the Republic, Marcelo Rebelo de Souza, who recalled that TAP was costing citizens a lot of money.

According to local media reports at the time, TAP was absorbing millions of Portuguese government aid, however, it offers fewer flights and higher fares than other airlines.

Irish carrier Ryanair expressed support for the Portuguese president in a statement over criticism of TAP for selling tickets at high prices despite government assistance.

“TAP infamously continues to gobble up €3.2 billion of Portuguese government aid, operating even fewer flights and charging much higher fares at the expense of the Portuguese tourism market, economic growth and taxpayer money,” — Ryanair said in a statement.

Despite the difficulties TAP Portugal is facing, Portugal's airports have managed to handle a large number of international flights.

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