New high-speed train will take passengers from Paris to Berlin in 7 hours

The new high-speed train will take passengers from Paris to Berlin in 7 hours

French rail operator SNCF has announced that the new route will be launched as early as December 2023. The distance between Paris and Berlin will be covered by a TGV train with passengers in seven hours. The route will initially have one daily train service, with an additional night train later on. 

Today, SNCF, as well as the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn, offer a high-speed service between Paris and Frankfurt

strong>, Stuttgart or Mannheim in Germany, but there is no direct line to Berlin from the French capital.

Experts note that previously launched trains from Paris to Milan and Barcelona< /strong> have become very popular. Often there are simply no empty seats.

In the meantime, the high-speed rail company Eurostar, together with the Franco-Belgian operator Thalys, are preparing for the first time to directly connect London to German cities.

In addition, the launch of the EuroNight service from the Swedish operator SJ is scheduled for September this year, which will provide passengers with an even greater choice of destinations when traveling by rail in Europe. For example, an overnight journey from the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, to Hamburg in Germany, with a stop in Copenhagen along the way.

Hamburg — an important link for railway communication between London and Stockholm. Passengers in London will first take the existing train to Brussels, then transfer to a train to Hamburg, and finally spend the night at EuroNight to be in the Swedish capital by breakfast the next day.

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