Named the safest countries in Europe for holidays in 2022

The safest countries in Europe for holidays in 2022 named

When summing up the results The study took into account a number of indicators. First of all, it is the quality of bathing water in local reservoirs, the level of medical care and the success of the fight against crime.  From this data, the final results for each country are added up and the final assessment of the safety of places for recreation in 2022 is derived.

  1. Switzerland 

According to the results, Switzerland is the safest country to visit this year with a safety factor of 88.3. Switzerland has the best healthcare quality of all 29 European countries analyzed in the — 893 out of 1,000 according to the Euro Health Consumer Index, followed by Denmark (885) and the Netherlands (883). 

In addition, Switzerland ranks sixth in the rankings for the best bathing water quality, with 93 percent of rivers and lakes scoring excellent. Better only in Cyprus — 100%, Austria and Greece — 98%, Malta — 97% and Croatia — 96%. This is the data of the European Environment Agency. 

Another important parameter — the level of air pollution with particulate matter with a diameter of 2.5 micrometers. In terms of dust concentration, Switzerland ranks tenth on the list, but the crime rate, according to Eurostat, is very low compared to other countries — 5.7 per million, which is 50 murders in 2019. Below only Slovenia — 4,8. 

  1. Slovenia

Slovenia, according to the study, — second safest country to travel with 82.3. 

With average pollution — 13.3 and the quality of medical care, estimated at 678 points, with water resources in the country, the full order — 85 percent of them are rated as excellent. For those who are looking for the perfect place to meet or, on the contrary, to relax on their own, Slovenia is very suitable. 

  1. Portugal

Portugal — the third safest country in Europe this summer with a coefficient of 82.1. Sharing second place with Switzerland and Germany for superior water quality — 93 percent, Portugal ranks fourth in air quality, with one of the lowest rates of air pollution — 7.1 after Finland, Estonia and Sweden. In terms of quality of healthcare, Portugal ranks tenth. 

  1. Austria

With an overall index score of 81.4, Austria is ranked fourth in 2022. The country has one of the highest bathing water quality rates — 98 percent received perfect scores, and ranked seventh in healthcare quality — 799, according to the Consumer Health Index), after Sweden — 800 and Finland — 839. 

The crime rate is also small compared to other countries, at 8.2 per million people. 

  1. Germany

With a safety score of 81.2, Germany is the fifth safest country in 2022. The bathing water in the country is rated at 93%, which makes it safe for swimmers and tourists. Germany ranks eighth in air quality with a pollution level of 10.6 and a low crime rate — 6.9 per million. Germany — one of the ideal places for all kinds of travelers. TURIZM.RU

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