Named the most beautiful beaches in Europe in 2022

The most beautiful beaches in Europe in 2022 named

The study included 284 natural objects, and experts selected from them 22 best. A group of 12,620 travelers from 82 countries gave them the most votes.

It is noteworthy that at the top of the — two beaches on the portuguese island of Madeira. Thanks to effective measures, it was safe here even in the midst of a pandemic — the island was not closed to tourists at all. Madeira enjoys a reputation as a natural, ecologically clean resort, moreover, sporty, authentic, less crowded than other European islands. 

But the title of the most beautiful beach in Europe this year was won not by Madeira, but by a golden sandy beach the neighboring island of Porto Santo, 9 km long.

Also popular among travelers from all over the world, Italy — Its 8 beaches are among the top beaches on the continent.

In Greece there are 4, in Spain — 5. At the same time, the ranking includes not only well-known, but also wild beaches in non-tourist areas, such as Laga Beach in the Basque Country. 

This year, France with three beaches — Santa Giulia beach in Corsica, Calanque d'En Vaux in the Natural Park of Calanque Marseille and La Greve beach located in Tregastel (Brittany).



strong> is currently attracting considerable interest from tourists. This year, 10 new airlines from European cities and 2 direct flights from the USA will fly here.

Spain traditionally attracts travelers who this year will flock to lesser known and less crowded beaches. Greece and Italy remain firmly established as summer destinations in Europe. 

A 30-kilometer strip of sand on the Hel Peninsula near Gdansk opposite Russian Kaliningrad, also entered the top 10 beaches in Europe this year.

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