Mowed the lawn and got a hundred bucks? How much does a gardener earn in the USA

 Mowed the lawn and got a hundred bucks? How much does a gardener earn in the USA

The legendary American salaries still do not calm many who dream of emigration to the United States. Even after everyone seems to have learned to correlate the level of income with prices and taxes, and overseas prosperity has ceased to look absolutely cloudless, many still look with envy at the salaries of simple Vermont lumberjacks or Oklahoma farmers.

In the US, blue-collar salaries do look impressive when taken out of context. As in other countries, experienced specialists here receive more than beginners, and the final amount is highly dependent on the state and the list of responsibilities. By the way, it is perfectly normal for an American to move to the other side of the country in order to get a better job.

Let's look at the example of a gardener, who is a domestic worker, but may also be an employee of a lawn care company. Americans who live in their own homes are required by law to take care of their lawn.

If the grass grows higher than it should, negligent owners will be fined. It happens that on a tip from vigilant neighbors.

By the way, in Russia, the owners of plots are also required to mow the grass so as not to run into restrictions. True, it rarely comes to real fines for thickets near the fence.

Maintaining a lawn in proper condition in the United States is possible on your own, but many Americans prefer not to bother and hire gardeners.

For 20-30 minutes of work with a trimmer and a lawn mower, they will ask from 100 to 130 USD.

If you need to trim the bushes or trim the branches of the trees, there is a separate price list for this. Full care of a garden with ornamental plants is more expensive. But, of course, this money does not go directly into the pocket of the hard worker: it is received by the employer company, which pays him a salary. The minimum wage for a gardening worker is $15–20 per hour. This amount is paid to him for watering, fertilizing, pruning plants and cleaning the territory.

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