Moving to Perm was a mistake: 5 reasons why living here is not very good

Moving to Perm was a mistake: 5 reasons why living here is not very good

Perm usually makes the best impression on tourists: picturesque nature, interesting museums and museum-reserves in the city itself and its environs, the wonderful dialect of local residents, delicious pies – all this makes Perm original and fascinating. But when you start to look at the capital of the Perm Territory with a non-tourist look, you notice something from which you want to run away without looking back. The correspondent of “Subtleties” counted five main nuances that make life here not a paradise at all.

1. Many harmful industries

Perm is considered one of the key industrial centers of Russia. Many townspeople just work at local oil refining, chemical, machine-building, pulp and paper and other industries. But for the environment, the presence of factories and several thermal power plants is a fat minus. Especially because some of them are located almost side by side with residential buildings, in the same Industrial District, and constantly “spoil the air” with their emissions.

2. Several prisons in the vicinity

This, of course, is not written on tourist sites and guidebooks. Meanwhile, any penal colony or colony-settlement is such a neighborhood. And there are more than 10 of them in Perm itself and especially in the settlements surrounding it. Where should their “guests” go immediately after liberation? Of course, to the nearest major city. When you think about it, you start to look around nervously.

3. Inconvenient layout

Perm stretches along both banks of the Kama River, and at first, trips around the city from end to end seem endless. Then you begin to understand that just two bridges across the river to a million-plus city is somehow quite small, and they only promise to build a third one. There are eternal traffic jams near the bus station – buses leave, you can’t reach it on foot from the railway stations, it’s far away. Around the fences, broken sidewalks, dilapidated private sector mixed with new buildings – somehow everything is improvident, and therefore annoying and ugly.

4. Long-term construction in the field of entertainment

It is strange that the million-plus city still does not have its own water park and zoo. It is even more strange that their construction is constantly announced and just as constantly postponed. The new date for the implementation of both projects in Perm was called 2023. But something is hard to believe that this time everything will not fail.

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5 . Water, water, water all around

Perm is a city of rivers. The Internet suggests that there are more than 300 of them here, and the water in them is dirty, as regularly reported by the Ministry of Natural Resources (as if the locals themselves do not see the unnatural color of the reservoirs). And during heavy rains, the rivers begin to flow right along the city streets: the stormwater can not cope with the volume of water. So it’s not in vain that some Permians keep boats – a useful thing here.

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