Mosquitoes eat you alive: an angry review of a terrible holiday in Cuba

Mosquitoes eat you alive: an angry review of a terrible holiday in Cuba

Subtleties reader Svetlana chose the PGS Varadero hotel in Cuba because of the low price. “I am not the first time in Cuba and I have a rough idea of ​​what to expect from local hotels, what rooms and service level there are. So this time I decided not to overpay for the hotel, because the “scoop” is everywhere – both in the “five” and in the “three”. But I was wrong! There are options that are completely unacceptable. And this is the PGS Varadero hotel, ”says the tourist.

You can't just write off all this horror that is happening in the hotel as “this is Cuba, it's like that everywhere here…”


A ticket for a week cost 189 thousand

The tour operator is Pegas Touristik. The organization of the check-in at the hotel is terrible. There are many tourists, employees do not itch at all, people after a long flight with children … this is a madhouse! We waited over two hours for a room to be given to us.

Queues are everywhere!

For example, in the dining room for freshly prepared food or pizza, you can stand for at least 40 minutes, and for seafood, these are generally gladiator fights. The food is disgusting: half of it is cold, the fruit is weathered, the cereal for breakfast is all damp and inedible. The hotel staff is trying to somehow fix the situation with a long wait or food lying around, but simply can not cope with such a flow of hungry tourists. We were not very lucky with the food on this trip. Were in a fish restaurant, which is opposite the Beatles: lobsters are expensive and very bitter. It's a waste of money, don't go to this restaurant. 1/1

There is sand everywhere in the room

There are no double beds, only one and a half pushed together, besides very short, it will not work to stretch your legs. The room is very stuffy, mosquitoes just eat alive. Buy all insect repellents, you won't find anything here.

It’s better not to ask for cleaning, try to always hang a “do not disturb” sign. And if you really need to clean up, take all your valuables with you on this day: they steal in the hotel!

The cases are not isolated, we heard about three thefts at once during the week of rest! The employees do nothing to help, there are no CCTV cameras or any adequate control.

The beach is very dirty

Shallow water for several tens of meters, a lot of algae, they do not have time to clean up. There are fleas on the beach, all legs are bitten, and the sand is full of some kind of thorns: they dig into the legs very painfully, it is impossible to walk barefoot! Fallen coconuts are lying on the beach, midges are gathering around them. There is no such thing as a relaxing beach holiday!

The contingent of tourists also adds to the negative. Everyone thinks that if it’s not well maintained, then you can throw even more on top and no one will notice. Cigarette butts are everywhere, bins are overflowing and people just leave rubbish on the floor nearby!


The hotel area is also completely unkempt

Constant smell of dampness and swamps, a paradise for mosquitoes. The pools are shallow, muddy and dirty, never seen anyone clean them. The trees are also unkempt, you never know where and what will fly on your head.

If you don’t believe everything I wrote, go to the hotel’s telegram chat (just enter its name in the search bar), and you can see for yourself all the horrors. All the negativity is taken over by the girl at the reception: she is very sorry, but it is not her fault for everything. Don't waste your time and money on this terrible hotel!

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