MOROCCO: how to prepare for the trip?

The northern part of Africa surprises with its diversity and diversity – each place is like a jewel. Morocco is no exception, this country knows how to surprise. 

MOROCCO: how to prepare for your trip?

< p> Let's start with a checklist. 

What to bring:

  • From March to May, it is better to take a windbreaker with you, because it can be cool at night, although it will be hot during the day.  Still, the best time to travel is & nbsp; it's autumn, when the weather is milder. 
  • Summer can be unusual, even extremely hot: prepare long light skirts or light trousers. 

  • It gets cold in winter, especially in the mountains. Make sure you don't forget something warm (like a down jacket and a hoodie).  

  • Be sure to bring a scarf or stole. It is useful not only in cold weather, but also in order not to attract too much attention to yourself. In the northern part of the country, women must cover their shoulders, and it is best to always keep this in mind. 

MOROCCO: how to prepare for your trip?

3 things to know:

–    there is no strict dress code in the country, but in places where there are not so many tourists, preference should be given to more modest clothing. 

–    always treat others the way you would like to be treated: ask permission from a local before taking a photo. 

–    follow uncharted paths, do not be afraid to discover new non-tourist trails. 

MOROCCO: how to prepare for a trip?

A few facts about the locals:

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The Moroccans will be happy to help you: if you get lost, feel free to talk on the street —  locals speak many languages. Especially in Marrakesh, where passers-by may even seem too determined to help you – perhaps they expect you to receive money as a thank you. In such a situation, you can always politely refuse. 

Moroccans deeply value tradition. During Ramadan and on Fridays, wear long sleeves that cover your arms and legs. On Fridays, family dinners are held, at which couscous becomes the main dish, and to get to such an event & nbsp; —  an absolutely unforgettable experience. After prayer, a large plate of couscous is shared among family members and guests. And it is important that anyone can become a guest, because the locals are very hospitable, and you can easily be invited for a cup of tea or dinner. 

MOROCCO: how to prepare for a trip?

About love for bright colors 

Moroccan culture does not attach a special sacred meaning to each color, but being in the country, you will notice that every city is full of bright colors: Chefchaouen is a “blue pearl”, like it is customary to call it, Marrakech is a “red” city, and in Casablanca all the houses are white. 

There is one tradition in Morocco: during the wedding ceremony, brides choose special handmade dresses, the preparation of which can take up to a whole year. The bride's head is adorned with a crown or other sparkling jewels. 

Believe me, this country is worth seeing with your own eyes.  

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