Modest but dignified: a review of the Turkish “five” Miarosa Incekum Beach

“Don't expect a real 5 star from this hotel. Everything here is modest, but quite worthy. It seems to me that with current prices, this is the best balance of price and quality: 10 days of rest cost us 149 thousand for two. Most recently, in 2020, renovation was carried out here, and this is important, since budget hotels are most often already very “tired”. Detailed impressions of the rest at the Miarosa Incekum Beach 5 * hotel are in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Olga.

About the hotel

Hotel Miarosa Incekum Beach 5 * is located in Alanya, in the village of Avsallar. 10 days of rest cost us 149 thousand. True, it is still a 15-20 minute walk to the village itself. The territory is small, but very green, there is everything you need to relax: a swimming pool, slides, a la carte fish restaurant (by appointment once a week for free), a bar on the beach, where not only drinks, but also a snack: ice cream, burgers , pizza. Around cypresses, pines, fruit trees, the air is very tasty and pleasant.

Beach and sea

The hotel has its own beach, sandy, located across the road, you need to go through the transition. Sun loungers and umbrellas are free, there is an employee who, for a small tip, will find all the equipment and a place for you even at rush hour. The beach is simply amazing: clean, the entrance is gentle, but you can easily get to the depth. If you are traveling overseas, then this hotel is definitely the best of the budget ones. If you go to the beach before breakfast, there is not a soul there: you can choose the best place. 1/1

About food

Mini-bar with soft drinks – only upon check-in, then it is not replenished, but water is brought daily and in any quantity. Meals for 4+, there was not enough meat, but there was always chicken. Once there was a grilled tuna (a huge one, grilled outside), and another time there was a barbecue evening with lamb and beef on the grill. Lots of fruits and strawberries. Another plus: you can take food with you to your room, for example, I always took fruits and pastries with me for a snack. This is especially convenient for those who come with children.

In general, the hotel is perfect for young children. Clean air, microwaves and heaters, strollers and highchairs for rent, playgrounds, one even looks like a whole playground.1/1

Things to do

The hotel has a tour desk, this is in addition to excursions from the tour operator guide. We went mainly to natural attractions, canyons, buggy rides. Good organization, not tiring, although the heat here is at +45 °C. Lunches and free time are well integrated into the program. Surprisingly, group tours can be cool and inexpensive – although the group was quite big, about 20 people. We went to Avsallar and Alanya on our own, by taxi. We visited the fortress, walked around the city, bought souvenirs.

There is animation in Russian, for children and adults. Most of the staff knows a little Russian. A new gym, almost no one visits it, I worked out all the days I was practically in splendid isolation & # 160; 🙂 There is a spa, inexpensive wellness programs (it’s cheaper to take courses). A one-time visit is more expensive, it is better to take several services or a program, ask for a discount! You can bargain below the price list, some services received a 50% discount. 1/1

In 10 days we rested at 100%

We didn't get bored at all, although we didn't really do anything. But this is the quiet vacation that we needed so much. If the budget is limited, but you want to relax by the sea, I highly recommend the Miarosa Incekum Beach 5 * hotel, here are the best beaches on the entire coast!

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