Marcus loves Spenduza: what they wrote on the walls in Ancient Rome

Marcus loves Spenduza: what was written on the walls in Ancient Rome

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If you now go outside and try to draw something on the wall with a marker or spray can, the idea will most likely end with a public censure from caring passers-by and a fine from the police. But just a couple of thousand years ago, everything was different.

Ancient Roman graffiti on the ruins of Pompeii are rightfully considered the progenitors of modern street art and social networks. Then both poor and slaves and rich townspeople enthusiastically painted on the walls. People left a lot of interesting inscriptions: from tips on where you can drink cheaply, to reports about their love affairs.

“Subtleties”, as always, collected the most interesting samples of rock art, that is, wall painting. 18+ in places, you've been warned.

About love and sex

  • “If someone doesn't believe in Venus, they definitely need to look at my girlfriend.”
  • “We two rich men, friends forever, were here. If you want to know our names, we are Gaius and Aulus.”
  • “Lovers are like bees. They live a life of honey.”
  • “I slept with the waitress.”
  • “Floronius, a privileged soldier of the 7th Legion, was here. The women were almost unaware of his presence: only 6 of them learned that it was too little for such a stallion.
  • “Theophilus, don't perform oral sex on girls against the city wall like a dog.”
  • “Restituta, please take off your tunic and show us your private parts.”
  • “Who loves, let him prosper. Let the one who does not know love perish. Let him who forbids love die twice.”
  • “Marcus loves Spenduza.”
  • “The Thracian gladiator Celad is the joy of all girls.”
  • “Cruel Lalag, why are you don't you love me?”
  • “I got pregnant from Atimet.”
  • “I wouldn't sell my husband even for all the gold in the world.”
  • “Love dictates to me when I write, and Cupid shows me the way. But may I die if God wills that I continue to live without you.”
  • “Apelles Mus and his brother Dexter twice enjoyed sex with two girls.”

< h2>About natural needs

  • “We wet your bed, master. I admit we did wrong. But do you want to know why it happened? Because there was no chamber pot.”
  • “I'm Lesbianus. I'm going to defecate now and say hello to you.”
  • “Secundus defecated against this wall three times.”
  • “Anyone who wants to defecate against this wall should move on. If you break this rule, you will have to pay a fine. Children must pay with silver coins, and slaves will be beaten on the back.”
  • “Apollinaris, physician to Emperor Titus, defecates well here.”

Ancient Roman toilets: joint leisure or banal hygiene?”Antiochus hung out here with his girlfriend Kythera.”

  • “Keep the lustful looks off other people's wives. Let there be modesty in your eyes.”
  • “The city quarter of Aria Pollius, in the possession of Gnaeus Alley Nigidia Maya, is available for rent from 1 July. Shops, upscale rooms and living quarters are located on the ground and upper floors. Those interested in renting, contact Primus, slave of Gnaeus Alley Nigidius Maya.”
  • “April 20, I gave a cloak for washing, May 7, a headband, May 8, 2 tunics.”
  • “I fooled people.”
  • “It took me 640 steps to walk back and forth 10 times.”
  • “You can drink here for just 1 coin. You can also drink better wine for 2 coins.”
  • “A copper pot has gone missing from my shop. Whoever returns it will receive 65 bronze coins. Another 20 will be given for information about the thief.”
  • “The little problem gets bigger if you ignore it.”
  • “I consider everyone who doesn't invite me to dinner as a stranger.”
  • “Epaphra doesn’t play very well with the ball.”
  • “Sarah, you're being ugly when you leave me alone.”
  • “When you're dead, you're nothing.”
  • Ugly antiquity: what happened to the rich feasts of that time.

    Well, you could also quarrel

    • “Epafra, you are bald!”
    • “Chi, I hope that your hemorrhoids hurt so much that you are even worse than before.”
    • “Fileros is a eunuch!”
    • “I grieve because I know that you are dead. Goodbye!”
    • “I consider everyone who doesn't invite me to dinner as a stranger.”
    • “The man I'm dining with is a barbarian.”
    • “My lustful son, how many women have you had sex with?”
    • “Oh, the walls! There are so many amazing inscriptions on you that I'm surprised you haven't collapsed yet.”

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