Man arrested at Bangkok airport faces death penalty

A man detained at Bangkok airport faces the death penalty

34-year-old native of Loei province in northeast in eastern Thailand, Watchhara Khambut staged an armed riot at the largest airport in Thailand. Following his detention, he faced seven charges, one of which could result in the death penalty.

According to the general manager of Suvanabhumi Airport, Kittipong Kitikachon, Khambut arrived at the airport on a motorcycle at 11:50 am and tried to pass through security control. security checkpoint. When he was denied entry, he pretended to turn around, and he entered the airport through another entrance and pulled out a gun.

The accused climbed the stairs to the airport building, where he tried to break the glass door — she was the only obstacle separating the criminal from the passenger side of the airport. The police worked well, Khambut was tied up and sent to the police station.

As it turned out, he had an ax with him, but the gun turned out to be fake. The police stated that Khambut was under the influence of drugs and that the pill known as Yaba — a mixture of methamphetamine and caffeine — was with him at the time of his arrest.

Now the violator of the order is accused of several crimes at once, including damage to property, inciting panic and threatening to harm people. One of the allegations is based on Article 19 of Thailand's “Crimes Against Air Navigation” Law. The maximum sentence for this — the death penalty.

Nothing is known about the motives for the incident. “The accused said that he did not even remember how he ended up at the airport,” — summed up the police.

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