Lufthansa's first A380 is back after a 3-year hiatus

The first Lufthansa A380 returned after a 3-year break


A Lufthansa flight on a huge double-decker airliner successfully landed at Boston's Logan International Airport after flying across the Atlantic, and flew back to Munich late in the evening 

Lufthansa “wrote off” all A380s three years ago due to the downturn in international traffic associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, now the airline industry is struggling to cope with the growing demand for travel, there are not enough planes around the world.

The German flag carrier was very reliant on deliveries from Boeing and Airbus, but the new technology “hung” due to growing supply chain problems. As a result, the company found the only way to quickly increase the fleet today.

And now, three years after the A380 was almost said goodbye, the luxury aircraft was reanimated from the warehouse and put into operation, starting to operate flights along the route Munich ̶ Boston. 

Lufthansa plans to put Superjumbo on its route between Munich and New York John F. Kennedy International Airport. This will happen in July.

Experts believe that the decision of some airlines to land large aircraft at the peak of the pandemic in 2020 was hasty. The comparison is, for example, UNITED – she decided not to decommission any of her wide-body aircraft, which gives her an advantage today.

However, Lufthansa management does not want to call the initial rejection of the voracious four-engine giants a mistake. “At the time, and given the knowledge we had, it was a smart decision. No one expected demand to recover so quickly. 

Remarkably, the German A380 also has a first-class cabin, which gives the airline the ability to sell tickets to affluent premium travelers. This market segment has emerged and has been growing steadily since the start of the pandemic. Today, many travelers are willing to pay more to fly in premium economy, business or even first class. A lot has changed since COVID-19.

The Lufthansa A380 seats 509 passengers in four cabins: 8 First Class, 78 Business Class, 52 Premium Economy and 371 Economy Class.


At the end of 2023, Lufthansa will introduce a new first class cabin as part of the new Allegris design, a debut.

Lufthansa plans to return four A380 aircraft to service this year.

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