Liquids are not allowed on the plane. But why?

Liquids are not allowed on the plane. But why ?

The rule prohibiting the carrying on board of liquids larger than 100 ml applies to each airline. But why exactly these restrictions? After all, if you buy water or any other drinks after customs inspection, no one takes away the bottles.

It's all about safety

In the early 2000s Several attempts at terrorist attacks were recorded, while terrorists carried explosives on board under the guise of ordinary liquids. Security officers carefully studied the issue and came to the conclusion that any substances in containers up to 100 ml in total up to 1 liter will not be able to cause significant harm to the aircraft.

Even if they are explosive, there is a sufficient arsenal of means on board to neutralize them. All bottles purchased from duty-free and other shops in the “clean” zone have already been thoroughly checked, therefore they are allowed to be carried on board in unlimited quantities.

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