Like a rich relative in a dacha by the sea: how we economically rested in apartments in Belek

Like a rich relative in a dacha by the sea: how we economically rested in apartments in Belek

“We have always rested in Turkey on an all-inclusive basis. And this April, we decided to go to Belek – try to live in an apartment with a kitchen and cook food on our own. As it usually happens, in the end we cooked ourselves only a couple of times, and we preferred to get our own food in cafes and restaurants. But we liked it.”

What is it like to relax in Turkey without all inclusive – read the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Irina.

Buying a tour

We bought the tour in an online travel agency, chose a hotel with a flight ourselves and paid with a card. This was the first experience of buying a tour in this format, so we were a little worried: what about the documents, who will control us, our flights, and what if the flight is suddenly postponed? But everything turned out to be simple: the manager immediately called us, clarified all the details, immediately sent the documents, the day before the departure we received an SMS message about adjusting the departure time. In general, everything is fine, no one will leave you to the mercy of fate. The tour with flight, insurance, accommodation and transfer cost 116 thousand for 8 nights for two adults, Belek Golf Residence 3 * hotel. Please note the following point: upon check-in you will need to leave a security deposit of 200 EUR (necessarily in euros and only in cash), it will be returned to you upon departure. 1/1

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About the hotel

We did not read reviews about the hotel, we just really liked the photos. This is not even quite a hotel, more like a residential complex, where there are several separate houses on the territory, there are swimming pools and infrastructure. We had a pool villa with kitchen, balcony, seating area and barbecue. We were first settled in a regular room, but we saw the villas and decided to pay extra for accommodation. The beach is far away, but at first we did not plan a beach holiday, but in vain! The weather is beautiful, +27 °C, the sea is cold, but after half an hour in the sun you really want to swim. We went to different beaches, even took a day visit to the Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort & Spa 5 * and used all its infrastructure. Well, what kind of cooking is there when the most luxurious hotels “Luxury Spa Resort Golf Village” are around? 1/1

Reviews about the hotel we didn't read it, just really liked the photos.

The hotel is conveniently located, there is where to walk, the city is nearby, luxurious golf courses, forest, everything is blooming around. It is convenient to get to the Old Town of Antalya and Belek: the BA22 bus runs along the entire coast. The territory is very well-groomed, a lot of greenery, perfect lawns and flower beds. The villas are in excellent condition, even though the latest renovation date is 2011

The bathroom seems to have 10 towels per person, there are slippers and bathrobes. Each pool has a shower. Vacationers are mostly Europeans of advanced age, the atmosphere is very quiet, at home, like a rich relative in a country house by the sea. I can say for sure that we saved a lot. In this area, hotels cost from 300 thousand per week! Even eating in restaurants and driving around in a taxi, we did not spend such an amount. But in general, prices in Turkey have risen very significantly. Food, restaurants, even bus and dolmush fares have doubled in price. 1/1

More option

If you get tired of the luxury chic and glitter of Belek, you can escape to Kaleiçi, the cozy old town of Antalya. Verandas are already working there, on which a beautiful and delicious Turkish breakfast is served from 7 in the morning with a bunch of snacks and hot sesame bagels, cats are basking in the sun, waiting for the fishermen on the embankment. There are already quite a lot of tourists, but early in the morning it is still quiet and calm.

Resting is very comfortable, no problems with payments or cash withdrawals. In almost all large shopping centers and supermarkets, you can easily pay with a Mir card, and there are many ATMs, there is no shortage of cash. In total – a great vacation not in a beach hotel and not on “all inclusive”: they looked at Turkey in a completely different way. Travel and don't be afraid to change your habits.

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