Lesser-Known Tourist Regions in Brazil You Must See

Brazil's lesser-known must-see tourist regions

  1. Florianópolis &mdash ; an island for nightlife

Travellers who want to experience the atmosphere of the island and feel the power of Brazilian nightlife for themselves should choose Florianópolis — one of the most beautiful islands in Brazil. There is fun everywhere, dancing, parties, clubs. In The Jurere Internacional — coastal area of ​​Florianopolis — the best Brazilian-style beach parties are held.

But that's not all. To the south are Praia do Campeche and Armacán. Boats depart from here to Ilha do Campeche, an island of archaeological value thanks to its well-preserved rock art. Alternatively, surfers can head to Praia do Matadeiro, another popular destination in the south.

 2. Fernando de Noronha — crystal clear water

Travelers who wonder what heaven on earth looks like should visit Fernando de Noronha, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts beautiful beaches and unique opportunities for ecotourism. The volcanic archipelago is ideal for families, couples and friends who want to enjoy hiking, boat trips, snorkeling, surfing and just lounging on the beach.

In the heart of Fernando — de Noronha is Baia do Sancho — one of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear waters and abundant marine life. Hundreds of species of fish, turtles and small sharks — it's here in Praia do Sueste or Praia do Porto.

Fernando de Noronha is home to the Projeto Tamar organization, which aims to protect and conserve the habitats of rare species of sea turtles. Tourists can go on guided tours to learn from biologists about the life of sea turtles and how to protect them. The island is a breeding ground for green turtles.

 3. Minas Gerais — historical, colonial architecture and art -nado-objazatelno-posetit-5e1c95e.jpg” alt=”Brazil's lesser-known must-see tourist regions” />

State of Minas Gerais — a great option for those who love a combination of history, nature and architecture. 

There are several gems in the state where time seems to stand still. Ouro Preto, once the capital of the state of Minas Gerais — Colonial town in the Serra do Espinhaço, renowned for its Baroque architecture and steep, winding cobbled streets.

Elsewhere, architecture, nature and culture aficionados can admire the historic Baroque buildings and secular churches of Diamantina.< /p>

The city also serves as the gateway to the waterfalls of the Biribiri State Park. 

In Congonhas, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, tourists can visit the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus de Matosinhos, an architectural and sculptural complex showcasing Christian art . Congonhas — home of one of Brazil's greatest artistic treasures — works by António Francisco Lisboa, known as «Aleijadinho».

 4. Estrada Real — gastronomy and culture

Estrada-Real — the largest tourist route in Brazil with a length of 1,600 km. In fact, it includes a whole range of tourist routes: gastronomic, cultural, religious and even adventurous.

The locals are so friendly that they are ready to offer camping or homestay for those who need it.< /p>

Tourists are issued a Certificate of Success if they collect passport stamps throughout the Estrada Real.

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