Krasnaya Polyana in summer: what to do and where to stay

Krasnaya Polyana in summer: what to do and where to stay

Krasnaya Polyana is alive not only with skiing: it is a resort where there is something to do at any time of the year. And in summer it is especially good: the sea is nearby, the sun is available, prices are falling, all kinds of entertainment – from spas to trekking – are available. Why not spend a week or two in the mountains?

Things to do for outdoor enthusiasts

To begin with, enjoy the views. To see the true beauty of nature, you need to climb the cable car to Rosa Peak, from where weather, you can see the sea, or on the “360° Panoramic Platform”.

There are several easy walking routes on Rosa Khutor: “Lake Traverse”, “Health Path” and “Waterfalls Path”. There are also routes that are allowed only with a guide. They pass through alpine meadows, fir groves and the river valley. There are even more trekking trails on Krasnaya Polyana – during the walk you can admire the ridges of the Caucasus Mountains, see relict forests and waterfalls. The resort “Laura” has the most beautiful and longest hiking trails leading to the Bzerpinsky cornice and to the Cold Camp. From the “Krasnaya Polyana” they climb Mount Black Pyramid, accompanied by an instructor. Viewpoint panoramic Krasnaya Polyana 360°

Dosed adrenaline

Skypark in the Akhshtyr Gorge offers exciting entertainment for the most daring. There you can walk along the suspension pedestrian bridge over the abyss – the longest in Russia and one of the most grandiose in the world. And if impressions are not enough, jump from the bungee and experience the state of free fall. More cautious tourists choose calmer activities in Skypark: a rope park with experienced instructors, ziplining and SochiSwing swings. All attractions are as safe as possible, children from 6-7 years old are allowed on them.

To feel like a real hiker for one day and spend the night in a tent at an altitude of 2000 m? Please – this service is also provided. 1/1

What to please children

Huskeys are very popular in all resorts of Krasnaya Polyana. In winter, these magnificent dogs ride people on sleds, and in summer you can visit and chat with them. They live in three places: “Husky Park”, “Husky Center” and “Husky Farm”. Reindeer and owls also live at Gazprom.

In the entertainment center “Galaktika” (Gazprom resort, Achipsinskaya st., 12) and the Mountain Beach water park (Esto-Sadok. Gornaya Karusel st., 3, Gorki shopping center) you can have a great time with the whole family. The Wow Park complex deserves the most laudatory reviews – it is a revived world of fairy tales and guaranteed children's delight. At the cableway station “Priyut Psekhako” there is a park “Green Planet” with dozens of huge figures of dinosaurs, elephants, bears, lions and giraffes. While the child is trying to climb on the backs of all the animals, parents can enjoy the mesmerizing mountain panorama.

Note to Hedonists

After a rich excursion program and physical activity, the body needs rest, and a lot of impressions still need to be “digested” in a calm atmosphere. Krasnaya Polyana hotels are perfect for this – comfortable, modern, with a decent level of service and an impressive set of amenities for tourists. At the same time, it is not necessary to give space money for a number.

Grace Olympia has friendly staff, delicious breakfasts and an outdoor pool where you can swim and admire the picturesque surroundings. Grace Imperial is a large complex with a spa, restaurant, bars and a kids club. It will be comfortable for families with children. Vertex is praised for its magic orthopedic mattresses, a special atmosphere during breakfast on the open veranda and a convenient location. At Bridge Mountain, the price includes access to a spa with a swimming pool, many rooms have panoramic windows. The choice of accommodations is large, it remains only to choose according to your needs.


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