Japan reopens to tourists, masks and other restrictions remain

Japan reopens to tourists, masks and other restrictions remain

Japanese government plans gradual lifting two-year restrictions regarding COVID-19. At the first stage of the opening of the country to international tourists, which will take place on Friday, June 10, only those foreigners who have bought package tours from tour operators or travel agencies will be admitted.

Moreover, travel agency guides accompanying tour groups will need to ensure that everyone wears protective masks.

“Tour guides should frequently remind tour participants of the necessary infection prevention measures, including wearing masks, at every stage of the tour”, &mdash ; according to the instructions of the Japan Tourism Agency. Even outdoors, wearing masks remains mandatory on a number of occasions. For example, when people are talking in close proximity to each other.

During the pandemic, Japan introduced some of the most stringent border controls in the world, banning virtually all non-residents from entering.

Because most of the rest of the world has already come out of quarantine, Japan is also easing its restrictions. Prime Minister Fumio Kishida promised to bring entry rules in line with other developed countries.

The situation with masks is not so simple, the Japanese continue to wear them everywhere. However, experts say that wearing masks to prevent the spread of germs and protect against pollen was common in Japan before the coronavirus pandemic.

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