Japan and Singapore top world passport rankings in 2022

Japan and Singapore lead the world passport rating in 2022

Japanese and Singapore in 2022 can visit 192 destinations around the world visa-free — this is the highest of any country.

Germany and South Korea are tied for second place with 190 visa-free or visa-on-arrival countries, two fewer than the leaders.


Finland, Italy, Luxembourg and Spain follow. They are tied for third place in the rankings, and their passport holders can freely enter 189 countries without having to obtain a visa in advance.

The UK, which recently lifted all remaining COVID-19-related restrictions, is now in 5th place. place with a score of 187 visa-free destinations, the US is one point behind (186 available countries) and is in 6th place.

Well, at the other extreme — Afghanistan. It still remains at the bottom of the index, which, recall, is based on data from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Afghan citizens can only visit 26 visa-free destinations.

Passport holders from Angola, Cameroon and Laos are also nearby. They have access to about 50 territories, usually neighboring ones.

Russia in the Henley Passport Index-2022 — in 49th place. Russians can, without issuing a visa, get into 117 countries on all continents. The highest position was for a Russian passport in 2014 — 38th place, and the lowest in 2006 — 62nd.

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