Jamaica lifts travel restrictions on Saturday, April 16

Jamaica lifts restrictions on tourists on Saturday, April 16

After the restrictions are lifted, tourists will be able to to enter the island as freely as it was before the coronavirus pandemic. In addition, Jamaica is removing mandatory indoor masks.

“The removal of masks and the requirement to report negative test results are important steps towards our further gradual easing of travel regulations as the spread of COVID-19 continues to decline,” — said Minister of Tourism Edmund Bartlett. “We are optimistic that these measures will serve to increase the attractiveness of Jamaica as a tourist destination and help us move towards a more active recovery of both the tourism industry and the country's economy as a whole.”

The former restrictions will remain , perhaps, only the need to have equipment for hand disinfection in every state institution — so-called “sanitizers”.

The decision to lift the travel restrictions came just weeks after Jamaica stopped requiring foreigners to complete a special form before traveling.

Thus, Jamaica joins other Caribbean islands in easing entry protocols, including Saint Lucia, which has eliminated pre-arrival testing for vaccinated travelers, and Grenada, which has removed all COVID-19-related entry restrictions regardless of vaccination status.

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