It would be “excellent” if it were not for jambs with excursions: a review about the rest in Sharm el-Sheikh

“We rest in Egypt often, as well as in Turkey. These two countries should not be compared: in Egypt you will not get Turkish service, and in Turkey there is no such sea and underwater world. Everywhere has its pros and cons. In Turkey, you can choose almost any hotel, the main thing is to decide on the resort and the beach (in order to conveniently get out on excursions and to the city on your own). In Egypt, the key to a good holiday is the hotel, and its location is not so important (you are unlikely to go on excursions on your own). It is better to take excursions from trusted travel agencies, and not from street vendors. If you take into account these two factors, then your holiday in Egypt will be excellent.

Svetlana Makhovaya, a reader of Subtleties, tells about her April vacation in Sharm el-Sheikh.

About the hotel

We visited dozens of different hotels in Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh, but our last vacation was the best. The tour was inexpensive – well, relative to current prices (we already accepted them, although it was not easy), 127 thousand for 8 days, the Royal Albatros Moderna 5 * hotel. For Egypt, it's just super! Territory, food, service, staff, everything is 5+. All friendly, sociable, problems were solved instantly.

Check-in at 14:00, but the bracelets were put on us right away, the suitcases were left at the reception, they took us to the room where we can change. We even forgot about the settlement, we came after lunch and after swimming in the sea. The room was not the best, but we did not change, the hotel has such a beautiful area that we obviously will not spend much time in the room.1/1


We took a photo session for 150 USD – we liked it very much, no collective farm and tons of retouching on the photo. Everything is as natural as possible, not staged. Dresses were offered, but we refused, we just asked to film our day at the hotel. In the evening there were several photos at sunset, but they came out beautiful, although I was skeptical about these “suns in my hands.” The photos turned out very lively and natural, more than 100 pieces! We processed 30 of them, chose from the total number ourselves, gave all the sources on a flash drive right away.

On this positive wave, we lost our vigilance a bit and decided to take excursions from our photographer friend. And then it was a complete disappointment.

The organization was terrible, before the tour we were marinated in the bus for more than two hours, collecting tourists from different hotels. Water is paid, a long wait, endless trips to retail outlets.

Moreover, when, in a conversation with our guide at the hotel, we said that we had already visited excursions with another bureau and we didn’t like it, we received rudeness and aggression in response: that’s what you need, it’s your own fault, you can’t be left without supervision, we went with no one knows who, rejoice that the living have returned, idiots! I could just offer to take excursions from him (we were ready, we came for this), but after such a wave of negativity, the desire disappeared immediately. Which made him even more angry and defiantly ignored us for the next days. Strange reaction: scolded us, offended… how do such people work in a hotel?1/1

The beach at the hotel is excellent, a little windy, but only in the afternoon, silence in the morning. There are a lot of sun loungers, most of the vacationers for some reason prefer the pool (there are three of them on the territory, heated). We walked a little further from the hotel, there is a wild reef, like on the best excursions, if you are confident on the water, then it is better to swim there with a mask.

The rest went perfectly, if it were not for the cons with excursions and the reaction of the guide, then everything would be perfect. But we were not very upset, rather, we were surprised :). And with excursions they really are to blame, there are no complaints.

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