It became known when it will be possible to come to Hong Kong without quarantine

It became known when it will be possible to come to Hong Kong without quarantine

Minister of Health Hong Kong Lo Chung Mau announced that instead of quarantine tourists will be under medical supervision. At the same time, it is possible that they will be banned from visiting bars. But tests will have to be taken regularly.

Hong Kong authorities continue to improve measures to combat coronavirus. They are currently working on introducing a color-coded system to the LeaveHomeSafe monitoring application. As a result, all visitors will be required to register with their real names and other identification details. Officials insist that this measure was taken not to restrict individual freedoms, but to protect them.

According to the minister, the highest number of cases of COVID-19 infection in Hong Kong hospitals was recorded in September — over 10,000 patients. He assured that the administration is working hard to contain the outbreak.

On Wednesday, the government released a statement saying that six more experts have joined the COVID-19 Advisory Expert Group to make recommendations on public health issues, epidemiology and clinical experience in the treatment of diseases. 

Hong Kong intends to end hotel lockdowns in November, ahead of the World Bankers' Meeting and the International Rugby Tournament, despite opposition from some officials due to rising COVID-19 cases.

In March, after a spike in infections and deaths, Hong Kong seceded from the mainland. He maintained strict restrictions and extended the lockdown to bring the number of new cases to near zero. 

Even though comparable Asian cities such as Singapore have lifted all pandemic-related restrictions, the Hong Kong leadership is reluctant to fully open its borders.

The next Communist Party Congress will be held on October 16, which is expected to , President Xi Jinping will run for a third term. Hong Kong, in this case, can get more political freedom of action regarding quarantine. Xi Jinping is expected to promote China's coronavirus policy as the most successful in the world. 

Hong Kong is under increased pressure and is likely to be forced to lift its lockdown. A number of Wall Street bankers are reportedly hesitant to confirm their attendance at the November meeting hosted by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority. Reason one — no one wants to voluntarily go to the “World Quarantine Center

Similar fears will hamper foreign participants in the International Legal Conference and rugby sevens scheduled in Hong Kong for the first weekend november.

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