Is it possible to bring home from the hotel cockroaches (or worse)

Is it possible bring home cockroaches (or worse) from the hotel

Actually, yes, you can: after returning from a trip, it’s quite possible to bring with you not only souvenirs and impressions, but also minor (or not so) troubles in the form of cockroaches and other not the prettiest living creatures. Hotels, train stations, airports – wherever there are people and food, parasitic insects can live. What uninvited guests are most often brought back from vacation and how to get rid of such stowaways?

Who can you meet at the hotel

Unpleasant surprises sometimes await travelers not only in cheap hostels and rented apartments, but also in quite respectable hotels: on cockroacheseven the guests of hotels located in the very center of Moscow and St. Petersburg complain in the reviews. It is not difficult for cunning insects to get into a suitcase, travel bag and gadgets – for example, small cockroaches for some reason are happy to settle in laptops. It's actually clear why. It’s just that the reason is not very appetizing: fragments of the user’s dead skin accumulate under the laptop keyboard, flavored with the secretions of his sebaceous glands, and if he also has the habit of treating himself to sandwiches and cookies at the laptop, the inside of the computer turns into a cockroach buffet. Ex. ed.

Another common misfortune worse than cockroaches is bed bugs. In the last couple of years, a new variety of these pests has appeared in Russia – tropical bugs, resistant to household chemicals. During the day, they hide where guests and staff look least often: at the head of the bed, behind picture frames, in the folds of sofas and armchairs, even in sockets. They are usually brought home with clothes or shoes.

Exotic southern fruits can also become a haven for insects. “We returned from Thailand in December, and Thai antscame with us in a fruit basket. Although we were carrying the basket in our luggage, they didn’t freeze at all, and the houses scattered in different directions,” says Nadezhda. ://” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

Is it possible bring home cockroaches (or worse) from the hotel

How to avoid contact with insects

Experienced travelers are advised to first read reviews about the hotel where you are going to stay, and on the spot how to inspect the room before checking into it. Especially carefully you need to study the bedside area, mattresses and pillows, the inner surface of cabinets and bedside tables, skirting boards and curtains. Do not leave luggage on the floor, and clothes on the bed or back of a chair – this makes it easier for pests to get inside. For additional protection of suitcases and bags, you can use plastic covers or plastic bags.

If you notice insects or traces of their vital activity, feel free to contact the administrator: in Russia, for example, a new set of rules for the provision of hotel services was adopted back in 2013, and it says that guests who do not want to share a room with cockroaches have the right to count on relocation to another room or a discount, and may also leave the hotel, demanding a full refund. In one of the St. Petersburg hotels, a tourist who noticed cockroaches in the bathroom was moved to another room, and as compensation they offered free breakfasts for the entire stay.

When you return home, it is better to wash and dry your clothes at a high temperature, steam your suitcases and bags, and wipe the rest of your things with disinfectants – this will help destroy insect eggs, which are very difficult to detect.

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