Iran: what to see and how to get there

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Until 1935, Iran was called Persia and sacredly guarded the memory of ancient culture. Speaking frankly, modern Iran is an intricacies of antiquity and modernity. 

The country is located in southwestern Asia and covers an area comparable to Libya and Mongolia. Iran has interesting neighbors (this will be important if you decide to combine a trip to several countries at once) – these are Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Iraq. For example, from Istanbul you can easily fly to Tehran in less than three hours. 

Getting there

There are many ways to fly to Iran from Russia, including a direct flight. As of October 2022, Mahan Air flies to Iran, which will take you to Tehran (the capital) in just 3.5 hours. Nordwind also has quite convenient flights in its schedule, and the best part is that you can fly on vacation in October for only 18,000 rubles. Alternatively, there are FlyDubai options with a transfer in Dubai, and if you choose this option, then it is quite possible to combine two countries at once in one trip, taking a long transfer in the UAE. 

 Iran: what to see and how to get there

Tehran, the capital of Iran

Visa and documents

There are two ways for travelers to apply:

1. upon arrival at the airport
What you need to prepare:

  • international passport with at least 6 months remaining validity, 

  • a questionnaire in which the first and last names, the first and last names of the father, passport number, type of activity, name and address of the hotel are filled in,

  • An insurance policy covering travel specifically in Iran, 

  • cash fee, which will be about $75. 

2. before departure at the embassy

You can prepare a visa in advance in Moscow, Kazan and Astrakhan. 

We advise single girls to prepare in advance, because in a Muslim country questions may arise if you are going on a solo trip. 

How to pay

Take cash with you – you won't lose. The sanctions imposed against Iran are somewhat relaxed, and in some establishments you can even pay with a MasterCard card, but this will be the exception rather than the rule. 

Tip: learn how to write the numbers 0 to 9 in Farsi because it will help you not get lost when using local cash. 

Where to go

Iran: what to see and how to get there

Tehran, Azadi Tower

  • Tehran

The capital, and that says it all . At the very least, you'll be here. Our advice is, of course, to stay for a couple of days, but keep a close eye on the political situation and rallies in the city. There is a beautiful Golestan Palace, the famous Azadi tower, which you can climb to see the panorama.

Tehran is also very modern, and there are very nice hipster cafes here, for example: Saboos Bakery Cafe, Cluna, 3lat Cafe.

  • Isfahan

People come here for history, for Persia, for an oriental fairy tale. A must-see that you will not miss is Imam Square, where the main attractions of the city are concentrated, from the Imam Mosque to the Grand Bazaar. Many guidebooks advise you to take a look at the Armenian quarter to make sure that Iran is multifaceted and multicultural.

Iran: what to see and how to get there

Yazd, Iran

  • Yazd

One of the oldest cities in the world. The city is considered the spiritual center of Zoroastrianism. Zoroastrian villages, cemeteries and temples have been preserved in its vicinity. If you are in the city for more than one day, then take the time to travel to the ghost town of Heranek.

  • Shiraz

Everyone will say that this is a city of “wine, poetry and flowers.” And the same wine with an identical name comes from the name of a city in Persia. In Shiraz there is a stunning mirror mosque Shah-Cherakh. 


You can safely travel between cities by bus. The easiest way is to arrive in advance at the bus station and check the schedule on the spot. By the way, there is a metro in Tehran, and a taxi is definitely available in any city (Snapp application).

Iran: what to see and how to get there

Tea is a tradition in Iran

Where to live

The only Tehran you can find on is located in Illinois, USA. The same is true for Airbnb. You will have to look for housing in Iran using the old methods – we pick up a map, look for the name “hotel” or “hostel”, look for a website, phone number or e-mail.

For those who prefer to calculate possible options in advance, for whom comfort is important, we advise you to think about contacting travel experts here.

Do's and don'ts in Iran 

  • smoking: 

You can. Smoking itself is not prohibited, and for both men and women. Smoking is prohibited indoors. 

  • drink alcohol:

No.Alcohol is officially banned in the country, and you will not find it in restaurants or hotels. With a very strong desire, there are illegal ways to purchase some kind of homemade liquor, but you should be careful with this issue. We would advise against taking this risk. The import of alcohol from other countries into Iran is prohibited. 

  • wear revealing clothes:

You can't.For women, there are generally accepted norms: covered head, neck, arms, shoulders, legs to the ankles. For foreigners, the rule is valid, but a little softer – ideally, you should already be on the plane ready for the fact that you have to cover your head with a scarf. In the capital, you will see that many girls wear only a scarf that covers their hair, and even wear jeans, short jackets. If you choose pants or jeans for yourself on a trip, then prudently pick up long tunics, jackets, blouses that will hide the outlines of the figure. 

A notable difference between Iran and, say, Saudi Arabia is that the men wear normal European clothes. True, we remember that a naked torso, shorts – past (as well as sandals with socks). & nbsp;

  • dance:

Not allowed. Prohibited in public places. There are no nightclubs in Iran, and dancing on the street is prohibited. 

Iran: what to see and how to get there

Fars Province, Iran

Spoken language

English will be spoken in Tehran , but not everywhere, young people still know the language well. When you go outside the capital, be prepared to explain yourself “on your fingers.” 

Celebrities of Iran

  • red woven carpets,

  • Omar Khayyam, 

  • Elburz (not Elbrus) are mountains in the north of the country,

  • Farsi, which is the state language of Iran, and not at all Arabic,

  • Zoroastrianism and Zarathustra are from here,

  • saffron, of which Iran produces more than any other country.

Since Iran has its undoubted charms on exactly the same scale as its features, you can go on a trip with a group, which will make your vacation much easier, read more here. Travel with an open mind.

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