In England, it was allowed to carry up to 2 liters of liquid in hand luggage

In England it was allowed to carry up to 2 liters of liquid in hand luggage

Teesside International Airport(previously called Durham Tees Valley) in the North East of England now allows passengers to carry liquids up to 2 liters in hand luggage. It is no longer necessary to place vials and vials in a separate transparent bag for screening. The new rules are introduced thanks to two state-of-the-art C3 scanners that use cutting-edge technology to inspect things.

Installed equipment also eliminates the need to take out laptops and other electronic devices before checking.

“We have already received a lot of positive feedback from our passengers, and as the number of flights traditionally starts to increase at the end of March, the new scanners will be a lifesaver for us to quickly check hundreds of thousands of travelers,” — said Tees Valley Mayor Ben Houchen.

Last December, the UK government set a deadline for the country's airports — June 2024 — to introduce a new screening technology that would eliminate the need to limit the amount of liquids carried to 100 milliliters. According to experts, this will reduce the time it takes to go through security procedures at airports and increase the safety of passengers due to a more detailed image of the contents of the luggage.

In a statement in December, UK Transport Secretary Mark Harper observed that “tiny toiletries have become one of the main security controls at airports.” At the same time, he assured: “By 2024, major airports across the UK will have the latest security technologies installed, which will reduce waiting times in lines, improve the quality of passenger service and, most importantly, allow potential threats to be identified. Of course, this will not happen immediately — full implementation will take at least 2 years. Until then, passengers must continue to follow existing regulations and undergo pre-travel screenings.

Teesside Airport is not the first to lift restrictions on liquids. In 2021, Ireland's Shannon Airport installed a similar screening system that allows travelers to take any amount of liquid with them.

In the US, transport security authorities are installing new computer scanners across the country that will allow passengers to “leave in hand luggage everything, including electronics larger than a mobile phone and food.

In England allowed to carry up to 2 liters of liquid in hand luggage

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