Important tips for visiting the toilet on an airplane from flight attendants

Important tips for going to the toilet on an airplane from flight attendants

During a flight, especially a long one, almost everyone needs to go to the toilet, but discussing such a delicate moment is usually not nice. But in vain: there are also nuances in this issue, which a flight attendant with 8 years of experience spoke about in an interview with Mel Magazine. Erica Roth gave recommendations on the best time to visit the bathroom on an airplane.

So, when is the best time?

It's best to do this right after climbing, as soon as you can unfasten your seat belts. At the beginning of the flight, the toilets are fresh and not overused. By the way, about the queues: the least people who want to leave their seats after the announcement of the upcoming distribution of drinks – everyone is afraid to miss theirs.

And, of course, it is undesirable to linger in the toilet: you need to remember about other passengers lining up waiting for you to get off.

How does the toilet work on an airplane? Is it really like on a train? We tell you what kind of system it is:

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