If only there were no bedbugs with cockroaches: a review of a trip to Thailand through Muharraq

If only there were no bedbugs with cockroaches: a review of a trip to Thailand through Muharraq

“We bought a ticket with the mood “if only to Tai”, and we looked at the most budget hotels with the thought “if only there were no bedbugs with cockroaches”. We are unpretentious tourists, we rested in different hotels, nothing can scare us. The tour is very budgetary, the Romeo Palace hotel, 117 thousand for two for 8 days for breakfast, a flight with a connection in Muharraq (this is Bahrain). The transfer was only an hour, we didn’t even have time to understand what was happening, we had already boarded another flight, you couldn’t imagine better.” Nastya Khilko tells Subtleties about her vacation in Thailand.

Upon arrival

If you are vaccinated, then PCR tests upon arrival are not needed now. But PCR must be handed over before departure, do not forget this, otherwise we have already relaxed and handed over the express train at the airport. Upload all documents on the website tp.consular.go.th and get a Thailand Pass certificate. Masks are practically not worn at the resort, but everything is strict at the airport and at customs. Take reusable ones with you, everything is quickly sorted out at the control.1/1

Hotel, beach , cash, excursions

We got the room right away, had breakfast and went to the sea. We slept for a couple of hours of transfer from Bangkok. Time here plus 4 hours, we quickly adapted, literally the next day. Breakfast is simple but delicious: coffee, tea, toast, eggs, sausages, jams, butter and rice. The hotel is located in Naklua North Pattaya, a 10-minute walk from Wong Amat Beach. We were in Thailand about 5 years ago, and I would never have dared to swim on the beaches of Pattaya, there was mud everywhere, both in the sea and on the sand. Now, “nature has become so pure” that it has become possible to swim even in Pattaya. We used to go by ferry – 30 minutes to sail to the island of Colan. 1/1

The hotel rooms are spacious with large balconies. The furniture is very old, but the bedding and mattresses are new and comfortable. The room is clean, no insects, even midges and mosquitoes were not noticed. English-speaking staff, polite and friendly, but more than expected will not do. We asked to clean up additionally, they were ready to pay extra, but we were refused. We left early in the morning for an excursion, breakfast with you at the hotel is not allowed. We came to the dining room at 6:30, we just wanted to ask for coffee before the road, if we were not supposed to eat, then we were also refused. Free hours only from 7:00 to 10:00, the rest of the time you need to pay. We had cash with us, bought in Moscow in advance and had some nest egg, 600 USD was enough for us. Our cards do not work here, but there is an option to get cash baht in an emergency from compatriots. We clarified: they take a commission of 15%, money can be sent to a ruble account to their partners or acquaintances in Moscow, and here you will be given baht at the local rate. 1/1

Almost all cafes are open, life in the resort is in full swing. Durian season is in full swing, they took 130 baht per kilo, they love this fruit. Huge mangoes, 2 kg each! Well, very sweet! If a direct link is opened now and the issue of payment is resolved, package tourists will again flood into local beaches.

Thais are waiting for tourists from Russia. As one of our Thai acquaintances said, experienced winterers – and they come, cunning and greedy :)

We are very satisfied with the rest, everything is the same or even better! It was nice to see the noisy and beloved Pattaya! The prices are great and so is the weather. We had a good rest, we will definitely come back.

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