I moved to Suzdal, and it was the best decision: 6 reasons to move here for permanent residence

I moved to Suzdal, and it was the best decision: 6 reasons to move here for permanent residence

Suzdal is the very city with which love at first sight can happen, so strong that you will certainly want to return here. And not just once, but for permanent residence. Some do just that: they sell square meters in their city in order to purchase a plot in Suzdal and settle there permanently. Why is the city so attractive? With its special atmosphere and obvious advantages that favorably distinguish Suzdal from other cities located within 250 km from Moscow. This channel you don want­t to mute. Good articles, whole news and  #tourist bear!

1. Rest for the eyes

Suzdal is one of the few cities in Russia where there is a restriction on the construction of high-rise buildings. Here it is impossible to build objects higher than three floors, so as not to spoil the unique image of the city that has been formed for centuries. In addition, the design of buildings should not stand out from the general concept of the city-museum. Therefore, the appearance of a future new house, shop or mini-hotel, if they are located in historical zones, is coordinated with the local administration – right down to the color of the walls and the number of steps at the porch. Because of its untouched appearance, Suzdal is dearly loved by filmmakers who come here to shoot historical films.

< h2>2. Good ecology

A small number of cars and the absence of large industrial enterprises in the city center (even the dairy was moved to a special industrial zone) provide Suzdal with an excellent ecological situation. In the local river Kamenka, which flows through the historical center, you can swim, sometimes even beavers are found there – and this is one of the best proofs that the water in it is clean.

3. Compactness

In Suzdal, you can easily do without personal transport (especially if you do not plan to travel far), but even without public transport. It takes 15–30 minutes to walk to many places, the children themselves can go to school or to clubs, because they are located close to home. By car from the eastern edge of the city to the west can be reached in 7 minutes, and from the north to the south – in 15.

4. Fewer people

According to 2021 data, slightly more than 9.5 thousand people live in Suzdal. It turns out that there is simply no one to stand in line at the post office or at the MFC (this, however, does not apply to the clinic at all). And this, again, saves both time and nerves.

5. Another rhythm of life

It may seem to some that life in Suzdal is lazy. It is really characterized by a special, measured rhythm of life. Here, no one is in a hurry – with the exception of Muscovites who decided to review all the local sights in a day and are in a hurry just out of habit. This slowness makes Suzdal people seem (and are) more relaxed and even kinder.

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6. Local cuisine

At first glance, the factor is not significant, but it's still great when the city has its own special goodies, which it is famous for in half of Russia. In Suzdal, this is mead, which is made by local residents and a factory, as well as cucumbers. In honor of the latter, a whole holiday is held here in July, where they are treated – among other things – with fried cucumbers and cucumber jam. And in Suzdal you can try cucumber raff and cucumber lemonade. By the way, Suzdal people like to grow cucumbers and many other vegetables, fruits, and berries on their own – the land here is very good. Why not an argument in favor of moving for those who like to mess around in the garden?

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