I moved to Sochi and I don't like it: 7 reasons why living here is not very good

I moved to Sochi and I don't like it: 7 reasons why living here is not very good

Many look at life in Sochi through rose-colored glasses, but they often break in the very first months of those who decide to join the ranks of the residents of this resort seriously and for a long time. Summer stuffiness, chaotic buildings, the optionality of the locals and their peculiar mentality, nepotism and loudmouthing – these disadvantages do not even compensate for the desired proximity to the sea and an abundance of fruits. Here is a list of seven good reasons why living in Sochi is not very good.

1. Housing issue

You will probably not find such a number of scammers in the housing sector anywhere except Sochi. The lion's share of local ads on popular sites is pure scam. The real rent of one-room apartments reaches 40,000 RUB per month, and this is not even a center with a European-style renovation (despite the fact that the average salary in Sochi is 35,000–45,000 RUB). Worst of all, landlords constantly refuse at the last moment, because they have found a more “fat” client, and in the summer they raise the price of an apartment or force them to move out in order to rent out vacationers at a higher price.

You can get tired without a car walking along the height differences, by car – you are tormented by driving along narrow serpentines.

2. Geography

Sochi is a mountainous city, and it’s not easy for a pedestrian or a motorist. Without a car, you get tired of walking along the heights, by car – you are tormented to travel along narrow serpentines. In the private sector, because of this feature, the residents of the houses of the neighbors are in plain sight: from the site above they can easily look into your bedroom a little bit, and you won’t be saved by any fence. And you yourself are forced to contemplate intimate scenes from the life of neighbors down the slope. Another point is the length of the city. Along the sea it is almost 150 km. Can you imagine driving from one end of the city to the other and suspecting in the middle of the way that you forgot to turn off the iron?

3. Weather

High humidity, typical for Sochi, leads to the rapid formation of mold in houses and apartments. And the downpours that provoke real floods can not only greatly spoil the mood, but also damage property. The same private sector and car owners are especially affected: wind-broken trees fall on cars, branches and debris clog storm drains, rivers overflow their banks in a few hours and wash everything away, and banks collapse.

four. Infrastructure

The center of Sochi and its tourist places are far from the whole city. The realities of “ordinary” districts are constantly non-working traffic lights, the absence of exits and ramps for people with limited mobility, sidewalks disappearing in the middle of the way. It’s even scary to think about scooters and bicycles here: driving on sidewalks is inconvenient, and driving onto the road with local traffic is tantamount to suicide. Public transport, locals joke, can both take you to the sea and bring you to tears. This is especially true for minibuses. They run on a chaotic schedule, drivers often do not want to accept card payments, are rude to passengers, text or talk on the phone while driving.

Public transport, locals joke, it can either take you to the sea or bring you to tears. This is especially true for minibuses.

5. Low level of service

Residents of Sochi do not hide the fact that they have little confidence in local specialists. Therefore, a huge number of people go to doctors and for other services in Krasnodar. And the contacts of good manicurists and hairdressers here are passed on from generation to generation. Even in popular salons, you can run into a bad specialist. But the worst situation is with repair teams and individual “masters of men's affairs” like car service, construction, and repairs. Few of them turn out to be a worthwhile specialist, and even the prices are aching.

6. Animals

It's not just about stray dogs, of which there are many in the city. In the warm season in Sochi, for example, American cockroaches can suddenly appear. They look like the usual “Russians”, only 5 times larger. They say that conditions are ideal here for them. /41lyl2z6sfswk8g40g40cgo0g.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

I moved to Sochi and I don't like it: 7 reasons why living here is not very good

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7. A lot of people

With the development of remote work, Sochi became terribly popular, many moved here for permanent residence. Because of this, the number of children in school classes has greatly increased: there can be under 60 of them there. It has become more difficult to get to doctors in polyclinics, even in shopping centers the queues now seem endless, and there is nothing to say about traffic jams and a place on the beaches. In the summer, the already rather large population of the city doubles again, and the prices for food and entertainment soar. So the locals in the season dream of only one thing: to leave their beautiful city away.

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