I moved to Kaliningrad and I don't like it: 6 reasons why living here is not very good

I moved to Kaliningrad and I don't like it: 6 reasons why living here is not very good< /p>Atmospheric Kaliningrad with its postcard views and special atmosphere immediately sinks into the soul of tourists. So much so that some, succumbing to the charm of this city, break away from their homes and move here permanently. Over time, however, those who decide to move notice that Kaliningrad is far from perfect. And spoil it not only the vagaries of the weather and high prices for essential goods. What still does not paint the capital of the Kaliningrad region, the meticulous “Subtleties” learned.

1. Geographic isolation

When the world situation changes, this point becomes the main problem of Kaliningrad. Dances with tambourines begin: how to go to relatives in Russia, whether they will deliver goods and for how long. And in normal times, the status of a semi-exclave is the need to constantly carry a passport with you when you go to the same Moscow, and check the train schedule: flights can be canceled.

2. Deficits

Deficiencies occur from time to time in different areas of the region. This will sharply reduce the number of available train tickets due to restrictions imposed by Lithuania. Then the restaurateurs will report that they can’t get cheese, fish and vegetables, they need to look for a replacement for imports. Then there will be a shortage of imported tiles (not the most popular product, but still). And the very fact that you live in a territory that depends on restrictions imposed by someone is terribly annoying.

3. Low salaries

In various salary ratings, Kaliningrad and the region take places at the bottom. The average salary here is 42,700 RUB (in Russia — 52,500 RUB). But these are statistics, but in reality people receive even less: 25–30 thousand rubles. And this is considered not the worst income.

4. A kind of housing stock

The buildings of the pre-war era are still preserved in the city: impressive German houses, which their residents call either pride or punishment. If there is a lot of money, you can get confused, because you will have to sort it out from and to: change floors, plumbing, insulate. But they are famous for their large windows, spacious rooms and adjacent areas.

If the budget is limited, in no case should you go to German houses: with external solidity, old beams can collapse there or floors can fail. In addition, marginal neighbors often come across, with whom it is impossible to agree on putting the common house property in order. And these houses are settled very slowly. Kaliningrad is full of temporary buildings that were built for factory workers, but have not been demolished so far. Another point is boilers illegally installed in some houses.

5. Increased flow of tourists and migrants

It is not the first year that Kaliningrad has been among the leading cities of internal migration. People come here because of the proximity to the Baltic and Europe, interesting architecture, the Curonian Spit and a special atmosphere. The city has become most popular in the last couple of years, when international borders were closed due to the covid and remote work began to flourish. During this time, the number of residents in Kaliningrad increased by several tens of thousands, which led to a rapid increase in real estate prices. The number of tourists is also growing year by year, and this is an inevitable increase in prices for restaurants, holiday homes and crowds on the beaches and in the center.

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6. Paving stones

Another European heritage in Kaliningrad is paving stones instead of asphalt. Beautiful, valuable from the point of view of history, but walking and driving on it is a real punishment. The heels and suspension of the car quickly become unusable. Fortunately, there are not many such areas.

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