I moved to Anapa and it saved me: 7 reasons why it is worth living here

I moved to Anapa and it saved me: 7 reasons why it is worth living here

“Anapa is one of the cities most beloved by tourists in the Krasnodar Territory, and many are seriously considering moving there for permanent residence. Well, some people dream all their lives to move closer to the sea and the sun, and some take it and do it. Like me, for example, ”says our reader.

1. The sea, the sun and the water

The first place, of course, is the climate. We are going after him. Judge for yourself: Anapa is located in the subtropical zone, there are at least 300 sunny days a year (so there is plenty of vitamin D, and depression is not terrible), the swimming season is from early May to late September, or even early October.

Winters are mild, there are no frosts, more often positive temperatures and rains, but not protracted. In mid-April, spring is already fully in its rights. The summer is long and hot, the air temperature reaches +29 °С, the water warms up to amazing +26 °С. And autumn pleases with pleasant warmth. .jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

I moved to Anapa and it saved me: 7 reasons why it is worth living here

< h2>2. Beaches

Perhaps, Anapa's main trump card is dozens of kilometers of sandy and pebble beaches, the width of which in some places reaches 500 m. On some, for 20-30 m from the coast, the depth does not exceed a meter, which is priceless for families with kids. And the health resorts on Pionersky Prospekt have their own beaches.

3. Treatment in Anapa

In Anapa, they treat – and quite well – diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system, otolaryngological, gynecological and cardiovascular diseases. How? First of all, mud and water. Anapa mud contains a large amount of sulfides and other healing substances, and mineral waters are in no way inferior to Essentuki.

4. Transport and infrastructure

The infrastructure in Anapa is at a good level. Buses, minibuses and taxis carry around the city. Long-distance trains depart from the railway station in Upper Dzhemet. Vityazevo Airport is only 15 minutes drive from the city. And the seaport, located between the Central and Eastern embankments, accepts yachts and fishing boats.

In Anapa there are enough kindergartens, schools and universities (mostly branches of large universities), hundreds of children's camps, sanatoriums, hotels and boarding houses, hypermarkets, entertainment and sports complexes.

Anapa has at least 300 sunny days a year, so there is plenty of vitamin D, and depression is not terrible.

5. Wages

The average salary in Anapa is about 40,000 RUB, but this is quite comparable to salaries in the capital. The highest paid professions are real estate specialists, category C and E drivers, sales managers: 50-90 thousand. In the middle segment – sellers, taxi drivers, accountants, cooks: 30-45 thousand. In addition, living in Anapa is cheaper, than in both capitals.

6 . Housing

Real estate prices vary by area. The most expensive apartments are on Pionersky Prospekt, which is considered elite. There are many sanatoriums and recreation centers. One-room apartment 40 sq. m can be bought for 10-12 million RUB. 6-8 million are asked for an apartment in the Central District, where the main attractions, shopping centers and the city beach are located. 5-7 million will have to be paid for a odnushka in Orekhovaya Grove, there are mostly new buildings and private houses. This is the quietest area of ​​Anapa.

The cheapest apartments are offered in Sukko, the southernmost district of Anapa, inland from the coastline. There are both new buildings and old buildings. Prices: 4-5 million. Compared to Moscow, you must admit, there is a difference.

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7. Entertainment

There are few historical monuments in Anapa, but a huge amount of entertainment. Discos and nightclubs, excursions, festivals, horseback riding and jousting tournaments – you can list for a long time, all this is available here. And for children, in general, there is a complete expanse: with them you can visit the water park, the dolphinarium, the oceanarium and even the Nemo penguinarium, where representatives of the flora and fauna of the Black Sea are gathered.

In the park of the 30th anniversary of the Victory, located next to the city beach, there are many attractions, roller coasters, carousels, trampolines, electric cars, horse and pony rides, a children's playground and much more.

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