I always thought that KavMinVody is the dream of those over 60: a review of Kislovodsk

I always thought that KavMinVody — is the dream of those over 60: a review of Kislovodsk

“The trip to this resort town was spontaneous. I always thought that CavMinVody is the dream of those over 60. To get medical treatment, sit on a bench, walk along the path of health. Let's go, because we caught cheap flights – a mailing from the airline came. They were looking for a hotel just a few days before departure, so as not to live on the territory of a boarding house, they were looking for hotels without a medical base. Wow prices! Didn't expect it to be so expensive. The budget hotel Vertebra was chosen on a booking site based on reviews. A week of accommodation cost us 25 thousand.

Is it worth it to prefer an excursion to a beach holiday – in the review of the reader of “Subtleties” Ekaterina.

Hotel, food

Hotel Vertebra is generally good. If you did not come to sit in your room, if you adequately assess the parameters of price and quality in our country, then you will not be very disappointed. Spacious rooms, 100% audibility, no secrets from neighbors and no personal life here you will have. There is no food here in principle, but there is a Snezhinka cafe right next to the hotel, my grandmother told me about it: it has been operating since the times of the USSR.

The beds are large, and the blankets are small, as if they were brought from a children's camp, the pillows are also tiny.

Nearby is an excellent cafe Baklava Tatli with Turkish sweets and coffee on the sand. Of the unusual establishments, there is a Chuck Norris Halal cafe nearby, I saw it on the map when booking the hotel and decided that we would definitely go. In a self-service cafe, the choice is like in a canteen, the prices are cheap, it's nice to be there. Not a restaurant, but good for a casual snack. Near the resort boulevard, pump room, many places for walking within walking distance.1/1


< p>I really liked the atmosphere in the city, no Soviet deputies. Everything is bright, clean, well maintained, modern. Surprised by the number of young people among vacationers. Lots of athletes and runners. In the evening parties, modern music, but there are enough quiet corners for walking.

Everyone is in business – pensioners, young people, and children.

We walked around the neighborhood and realized that we were not in the best physical shape. Wear comfortable shoes, take care of your knees, drink plenty of fluids and do not get carried away with tasting water from pump rooms, otherwise the diuretic and laxative effect of healing waters will come around somewhere on an excursion or a walk.1/1


< p>Excursions – a great many, eyes run wide! Now I understand why it’s not boring here without the sea. Natural beauties of unearthly beauty, during excursions landscapes change every few minutes. You think that this is the best shot, but no, a new beauty opens up around the corner. Our first tour was called “Discover the Russian Grand Canyon”, it is the most impressive. Majestic views of Elbrus and the Caucasus Range.

On the way, we took pictures with horses, collected medicinal herbs, listened to stories about the Broken ghost. This tour also includes a visit to the Honey Falls, where you can ride a zip-line.

There are a lot of excursions, the eyes run wide!1/1

We ourselves walked a lot around the city and seemed to have studied all its corners, visited museums, read information on the Internet. But! I strongly advise you to take a city tour with a private guide, it's insanely interesting! Perhaps we were lucky with our guide, but I would never have googled so many interesting facts on my own. For example, why did soldiers need to have front teeth in the 18th century? How to make sour-milk champagne at home? The guide showed a lot of photos, read poetry, told interesting, unusual and even piquant facts about “life on the waters”. We walked with her for more than three hours and did not get bored for a minute!

We rested in this city for only a week, not counting a few field trips. I realized that you can come back here many times and discover new things.

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    I always thought that KavMinVody — is the dream of those over 60: a review of Kislovodsk

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