Hygiene on airplanes: revelations of flight attendants

Airplane hygiene: flight attendants' revelations

Flight attendants from several airlines were interviewed by Fox News to share their thoughts on cleanliness on board. All of them warn that the hygiene in the toilets often leaves much to be desired, as they are only cleaned at the end of the flight. If it lasts more than 10 hours with a full cabin, the conclusions are obvious.

What are the problems?

Sometimes passengers behave unpredictably – they feel sick, they do not always have time to get to the toilet or use the package. Therefore, it is also not worth taking off your shoes and walking around the salon in socks. Especially if you know that one of the passengers with a fungus could well walk along the carpet paths barefoot. One of the guides said that once during the cleaning he found excrement under the chair.

Disinfection is carried out only after flights from exotic countries where hay fever, malaria and other dangerous infections are rampant. In other cases, no sterilization of the cabin is provided, only ordinary cleaning, so microbes have every chance to continue to exist on board.

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