How to rest 4 times a year, even if you receive a small salary

How to take a vacation 4 times a year, even if you get a small salary

Some cannot afford to normally go on vacation at least once a year, others consistently ride to new places at least once every three months. Moreover, oddly enough, the latter do not always bear the name Rothschild or have a multi-million dollar business. Often the most inveterate travelers come from simple, poor families and work in ordinary, not very profitable jobs. How then do they manage to rest 4 times a year?

Thrifty “Subtlety” found out that such people use a number of effective life hacks.

1. Choose truly budget destinations

For residents of Moscow, these can be cities in the Moscow region and neighboring regions: Sergiev Posad, Yaroslavl, Vyazma, for residents of St. Petersburg – the Leningrad region and nearby regions: Karelia, Novgorod region, etc. And for the population of other regions, the rule “do not go far – you will spend less money ' works flawlessly. Hiking can also be included in the same paragraph: it can be budget-friendly, interesting and fun. sized/f550x700/e7/ak/e7akdard6h44c4cw4o80ckssg.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How to take a vacation 4 times a year, even if you get a small salary

2. Uncompromisingly save on everything

Of course, carrying a “doshik” suitcase with you in order to save on food is already out of the realm of jokes. But otherwise, yes: buy only the cheapest tickets, book the most budget accommodation, and don’t go on excursions at all – study everything on your own. It's all about attitude: if you expect exactly new impressions and emotions from a trip, even the most austerity is not a hindrance to this.

3. Travel professionally

An elementary way to travel not 4, but even more times a year is to change your profession. However, she may continue to be underpaid. The main thing is a large number of business trips or other trips at the expense of the employer. The professions of a personal assistant, truck driver, photographer, waiter or animator in hotels, volunteer, musician are suitable. The ideal ideal here is the profession of a travel blogger. By the way, it often pays very well.

Carrying a suitcase “doshika” in order to save on food is not worth it – this is already from the realm of jokes.

4. Bonuses

Banks, air and railway carriers have special bonus programs and loyalty programs. They allow travelers to use the accumulated miles for partial payment of air tickets. Hotels and even travel companies have developed their bonus and other profitable purchase systems. In hotels, these are usually early booking promotions or room reservations through the hotel website. Travel companies have “hot tours” or the last place in the tour group. /f550x700/en/qx/enqxblphjn4skswoscokowo8w.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How to take a vacation 4 times a year, even if you get a small salary

5. Emphasis on social connections

You don't have to earn a lot to travel a lot. You can successfully get married or get married, convince your soulmate that travel is the basis of family happiness, and voila — regular trips are in your pocket. Another option is to go on vacation only where relatives live (no need to spend money on rent, although some take money even from relatives). You can also ask for a trip with friends: you see, they have a free place in the car – save on travel.

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6. Bonus: Rest, but don't go anywhere

The most observant readers have probably noticed the word “rest” in the title, which does not mean “go somewhere”. If you think that this is not the same as “traveling”, then you can rest 4 times a year at all with any salary: it is enough to divide a vacation of 28 days into 4 equal parts.


  1. “Don’t travel far — you’ll spend less money”
  2. Hiking is budget-friendly, interesting and fun (we agree, it’s not very comfortable here fits in)
  3. Tough savings on everything – from food to excursions
  4. Change profession: find a job with a lot of business trips, or go to tourism
  5. Monitor last-minute trips, enjoy bonuses and cashback
  6. Learn about the trips of friends and “get on their tail”

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