How to redeem a whole coupe for two or three

How to redeem a whole coupe for two or three

An obsessive talker, a loud snorer, a devourer of odorous food – the list of unwanted compartment neighbors is endless. Some easily put up with such discomfort, for others it becomes a real torture. Our today's material is for those who seek to avoid an unpleasant neighborhood on the train. So what should be done?

Method 1: issue tickets for one passenger

Let's say you are traveling with a company of three people and do not want a fourth extra in the compartment. In this case, issue two tickets for one of the travelers: the Russian Railways system allows you to do this. Of course, you will have to spend extra money, but if you spread the amount over three, it will not turn out so much. The physical and psychological comfort during the trip is definitely worth it.

It is even more profitable if one of the three is a child under 10 years old: a child ticket can be issued for him with a 65% discount. Travelers buy two seats at this rate, and the total amount is negligible. Of course, for children under 5 years old, the system allows you to purchase a ticket without a seat. Since you need all compartments, this option is not suitable. Please note: a child ticket with a seat can be bought even for a one-year-old child.

Cons of the method

One way or another, but you have to overpay.

Option 1: Consider CB

Of course, CB is not for those who want to save money, but if your own comfort is more expensive for you, then it makes sense to spend money. These cars are the least loaded (which is especially appreciated by those who do not like to queue for the toilet), they have a higher level of food and service (although this is true only for branded trains).

Passengers who purchase tickets online are well aware of how prices can vary for the same seats over the course of several days. The price change is related to demand, season and other factors. Thus, if you start tracking prices in advance, you can catch the moment when tickets to NE become as cheap as possible and the difference with the compartment turns out to be insignificant.

Cons of the method

You need to actively monitor the information on the Russian Railways website in order to notice a decrease in cost in time. Moreover, such a decrease can not be expected at all.

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3rd way: use the ticket refund option

First you buy tickets as indicated in the first paragraph, but before you travel one of them (or even two) surrender. There is a high probability that there will no longer be any applicants for the vacant seat. True, there are several subtleties here.

Firstly, the life hack is relevant only for routes that are not in great demand: if there are many applicants, the place will still be taken. Secondly, when returning a ticket, they will deduct a small, but commission, from you. Thirdly, in order to get most of the amount back, the ticket must be returned no later than 8 hours before departure. Fourth, do not forget about the non-refundable tariff.

If you take into account all these subtleties, then most likely you will go in a compartment without unnecessary neighbors.

Disadvantages of the method

The scheme does not work with long routes (the returned ticket is likely to be purchased by a person who sits at another station). In addition, it is better not to abuse this method: if you do this too often, theoretically, Russian Railways may have questions for such unstable passengers.

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