How to open a savings account and save up for your dream trip?

For many tourists, the issue of saving money to purchase something expensive is quite acute – for example, for a dream vacation or study abroad. 

How to open a savings account and save up for your dream trip?

Many people spend quite a lot of time to accumulate the required amount of money. However, if you open a savings account, you can collect the required amount much faster. 

At the moment, absolutely every credit institution, including Tinkoff Bank, offers to open a savings account, and it will be fair to say that that cooperation with Tinkoff Bank is the most popular today. The thing is that opening a savings account with Tinkoff Bank has certain advantages: 

Convenience. There is no need to go anywhere to open a savings account, since everything is processed via the Internet in just a couple of minutes; 

  • Increased interest. Compared to other credit institutions, Tinkoff Bank today offers the highest possible interest rate;
  • Cost of service. At the moment, in Tinkoff Bank, absolutely nothing needs to be paid for servicing a debit account. This opportunity is not offered by any other credit institution;
  • Withdrawal of funds. If necessary, withdrawing funds from the account is not at all problematic, while interest will continue to accrue on the balance;
  • Easy management. The deposit account is managed through a fairly simple mobile application, and therefore absolutely everyone can do it.

Thus, a savings account with Tinkoff Bank is not only convenient, but also very profitable.  

How to apply?

  1. It is not at all problematic to issue a savings account at the moment, since the procedure has been simplified to the maximum. It is necessary to act according to a fairly simple algorithm: 

    Initially, on the official website of Tinkoff Bank or in a mobile application, you need to find this service;

  2. Next, the client is only required to fill out a fairly simple application, where in the columns you need to enter your own personal data;
  3. After that, the bank will need a few minutes to make a decision, about which the client will receive a notification in the form of SMS;
  4. Next, the client must sign an agreement to open a savings account;< /li>
  5. After that, all that remains is to transfer your own savings to this account.

If possible, it is better not to withdraw funds before the expiration date, so as not to lose profit in the form of interest.  

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