How to neutralize a chatty neighbor in a compartment

How to neutralize a talkative coupe neighbor

Opinions about road conversations on the train are divided roughly in half: according to one survey, 45% of passengers are ready to keep up the conversation, 55% would prefer to travel in silence. What if you belong to the latter, and your compartment neighbors are overcome by the effect of a fellow traveler and are drawn to talk? Tactful “Subtleties” found 5 ways to avoid unwanted communication and at the same time remain within the bounds of politeness.

1. Buy a ticket to the top shelf

It is much easier to retire upstairs than downstairs – no one will sit down next to you and try to pour out your soul. True, this method is associated with a number of other inconveniences: most likely, the bags will have to be thrown onto the upper luggage rack, and in order to sit on the lower shelf, you need to negotiate with the neighbors below. But here everyone decides for himself what is more important – comfort or silence.

2. Go to bed

Having settled in the compartment, you can immediately turn your face to the wall and go to bed: even the most talkative passenger will not disturb a sleeping companion. And it's never too late to interrupt a conversation that has already begun, politely referring to fatigue or feeling unwell. .ru/sized/f550x700/4y/i1/4yi1kgvm69kw0soo48cgwc048.jpg” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

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3. Put on headphones

If you don’t have the strength to talk with unfamiliar people, and you don’t feel like sleeping at all, you can just get your headphones, turn on your favorite music and escape from the noisy road reality. The man in the headphones is lost to society: it is unlikely that anyone will try to enter into a dialogue with someone who cannot even hear the question. But in general, “Subtleties” can & # 160; not & # 160; read. “Subtleties” can be watched and listened!

4. Warm up the conversation

Sophisticated railroad travelers offer an unexpected way that works like a wedge by a wedge: the more actively you communicate with a talkative interlocutor, the faster he will get tired and leave you alone. “If you are not afraid of conflict, you can simply ask to be quiet. If the conflict is undesirable, then personally I always start talking nonsense myself. Talkers hate to listen. If you manage to take out his brain, he will lag behind you, ”user Nikolay shares his wisdom on Yandex.Q. /” media=”(max-width: 549px)”>

How to neutralize a chatty roommate coupe

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5. Find an alternative activity

In order not to be accidentally involved in endless conversations, you should prepare in advance and come up with more interesting things to do that will brighten up a long trip. You can download movies, music or computer games, take a book, a crossword puzzle or unfinished needlework with you – all this will help to retire even in the cramped compartment space.

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