How to look like a queen on the beach even with a non-standard figure: the secrets of choosing a swimsuit

How to look like a queen on the beach even with a non-standard figure: the secrets of choosing a swimsuit

As you know, there are only five main types of figures, but there are dozens of their variations. Each woman has her own individual characteristics, which can be favorably emphasized with a successful swimsuit, or, conversely, hide what you would not like to demonstrate. Even such a maximally open piece of clothing is able to disguise flaws and focus on the merits. In a word, in the right bathing suit, ladies with any non-standard parameters will look great and feel confident on the beach. It remains only to find him. Here are some helpful tips from The Subtleties ahead of the holiday season.

  1. You can visually transform the silhouette with contrasting colors, different shapes of cutouts, draperies, interesting prints and ruffles.
  1. For women with a “rectangle” figure » fit one-piece swimsuits with wedge-shaped inserts on the sides, visually highlighting the waist, with a belt or draperies/skirt, which create additional volume on the hips.
  2. On women with small breastspush-up swimsuits fit well – both monokini and two-pieces.
  1. High-waisted bottoms indispensable for those who have pronounced belly and sides. In combination with a bodice with an original lacing or a V-neck, the set will look great on plus size girls.
  1. Tankini is also a good choice for magnificent forms. In addition, this model will suit anyone who does not want to “flaunt” too much. Tankini tankinis with frills in ethnic style, freely falling from the bodice to the middle of the thighs, or long draperies that make the swimsuit look like a mini dress look very cool. In such an outfit, you can walk along the embankment without the risk of looking too frank.
  1. On women with broad shoulders and narrow hips look good swimsuits with ties around the neck. Prints in the upper part in combination with a plain bottom seem to “align” the proportions. For too narrow shoulders, on the contrary, classic straps are suitable.
  2. Swim shorts shorten the legs, but hide heavy hips and bulky buttocks. If the task is to lengthen the legs and make them more slender, it is better to give preference to high-cut swimming trunks.

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